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  2. Costum Client!!! AWESOME SPRITES!!! Forget what you know about tibia! This is a hole new game! Bored of the PAY TO WIN games ? Well today's your lucky day! We've been working 2 years to make an incredible game which will make you go crazy! The most important things is that it's a FREE TO PLAY game! We're introducing The Lost Kingdom Online! Experience : Kill monsters and get level. Items: Loot or craft items to make you stronger and learn new spells. Upgrade your skills : Each level gives you skills points with which you can upgrade your skills. Player vs player : Take revenge on your enemies. Companion : Tame creatures and use them to help you conquer this amazing world. WHAT'S NEW: We are now working on the heroic path! This patch introduce new spells, 1300+ items, new dungeons, new quest, new hunting places and so much more!!! But one of the most awesome news is this: AT LEVEL 150, YOU CAN NOW CHOOSE BETWEEN 9 SPECIALIZATIONS WHICH GIVES YOU AWESOME NEW FEATURE. Awesome map and gameplay! It's a must try. Join us here http://thelostkingdomonline.com We hope to see you there, The Online Kingdom Team. If you seek more information : https://otland.net/threads/sweden-the-lost-kingdom-server-custom-client.239901/page-23#post-2489551

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