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  1. Legend of Shinobi - One of the largest OTS servers in Poland. This is a MMORPG game project. All our scripts, graphics are designed to show the atmosphere of the popular naruto series. START: 3 November. 6:00 PM !! Create Account Legends of Shinobi - Registration Agreement Follow us on Facebook and recieve valuable info ! Server Info Stage Exp: 1-25 lvl - x3.5 26-50 lvl - x2.3 51 - 100 lvl - x1.8 101 - 150 lvl - x1.2 151 - 280 lvl - x0.7 281 - 400 lvl - x0.45 401 - 450 lvl - x0.35 451 - 600 lvl - x0.25 600 + - x0.20 Skills rate -> x3 Loot rate -> x1 Chakra lvl -> x3 Spawns rate -> x5 We have 19 different characters you can play and they are completely balanced, one of them is only obtainable from a really difficult quest!Every single character has 9 unique transfroms and more than 8 Jutsus! 3 main Sagas that shows what happened in our favorite Manga/Animne of Naruto(!saga) and other extra set of missions such as:Obito Gaiden(Reflection quest), Katon Gaiden, Fuuton Gaiden. Normal Saga: 124 missions Shippuuden Saga: 130 missions War Saga: Prepared 30 missions, still disabled on version 2.7 Systems Wanted System - System which allows you to set a hunting list for a player you hate and you can also set how much money someone who kills him will get Auction System - Selling/Buying items you are in need without pointless spamming in game. Crafting System - Whole System was rebuild and crafting is more difficult than before you can create the best items from it ! Pet System - After reaching Level 150 and you also have an active premium account, you will be able to get your own pet(kuchiyose no jutsu) Combo system - Every single proffesion with timing and key segments of spells, is able to activate their own Combo/Damage Combo which grants Big Buffs such as: Cast System - Everyone are now able to cast their in game impressions and other players after logging in without entering login/password are able to watch it. War System - War System for Guilds, you can nowe declare a war without worries about unwanted frags and redskull, you can also set what % of dmg both of the guilds would deal agaisnt eachothers for example= 50%/100%/150%. Enchanting System - Enchant your items with special scrolls. Raids System Special Jutsu https://youtu.be/Er3OeEhdnf0 Element Jutsu https://youtu.be/alY2sZjux8s Map Global Map Elemental Islands Side Unique site of Legends of Shinobi. We decided to put everything all in into new techonlogy and comfort while surfing,thats why we fused forum with with the original site. How to create an account? Legends of Shinobi Presentation https://youtu.be/WaF5i8kYGPQ https://youtu.be/jUwDZ2q9hj4 We hope that you'll like it here and our Server will allow you to have fun and maybe you will make some new friends

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