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  1. Sorelio

    Pushed players or just too lucky?

    It's Killa, ... Anyways, server is lost. Too many people just luring scarabs, killing newcommers, botting to piss newcommers off, or are only afk training. So I don't give a crap anymore, see ya, playing various OTS now till I find a good one.
  2. Sorelio

    Killa = Botter and Item Duper...

    Server was shut down for a time and went on again, so he has to be here, or is there an automatic shut down every...some weeks? I guess I won't play the server anymore neither read the forum, you don't see anything from Moist anyways. I enjoyed my time here, but after level ~60 you have done all quests and can only create more characters, or level for...nothing (probably pvp (with about 5 players online)).
  3. Sorelio

    did we miss anything?

    Thorn was killing Lv 40's with his UE...Ended up with red skull. Well, about the system...If you are in a party, you can't attack ANYONE. Doesn't matter whether the others are in your party or not.
  4. Well, I took a nice look inside of someone house...Top at ranking, so pretty interesting... What I found there is rather surprising... Steel boots with 3x +5% hp...Same with knight legs, dragon scale mail and a royal helmet... I think that's rather suspicious, since getting 3 same stats, all with max. is most likely impossible...On about 20 items, I haven't even get 3x the same stat... So, what do you guys think? Is he pushed, or did he create like 999 chars to get orbs and looted a lot of Dsms, K legs etc...(Though in his house are about 300 assassin stars, which means he was pretty much at behes...)
  5. Sorelio

    did we miss anything?

    22:26 Loot of Thorn: crocodile boots, boots of haste, plate legs, a tower shield, a diamond sceptre, a dragon scale mail, a backpack, an amulet of loss, a royal helmet, 56 platinum coins, 10 minotaur leathers, a katana, 10 soul orbs, 4 brown mushrooms, a health potion, a mana potion, 2 crystal coins, a rope, a shovel, a minotaur backpack, 100 brown mushrooms, a backpack, an energy ring, 2 iron ores, 5 giant spider silks, a spellbook, 5 giant spider silks, 10 minotaur leathers, a backpack, a wand of inferno, 100 Pvp seems to be turned on, doesn't work in party, though... So he has to be back
  6. Sorelio

    ~Noob Guide~ Made by Dezastrous

    Nice guide, but out of date. There are no pets as far as I know and some branches don't exist (anymore)..Also you need level 8 to leave rook... Like Light, Buffing, ... You could also remind of trapping branch being bugged.
  7. Sorelio

    This is an Extremely Important Topic.

    He is a premium account botter, he pays money for the server, so who cares... I know it isn't allowed, I have seen Moist once ingame *yay* ... Told him someone was botting and he banned him. Whatever, as long as Moist isn't here nobody will be banned. This server is screwed up anyways. You play like 2 days just to notice you have done everything...Probably you start creating new chars to get some orbs, after doing this you still find yourself lost only being able to level for...nothing.
  8. Sorelio

    map bugs.

    The way after that to the next town (Stronghold) is not thaaat far, but whatever, you won't encounter any dangerous monsters on the way, since you did all quests in Birchvale you have to explore anyways...Still, it should be fixed when Moist is back.
  9. Sorelio

    Loot Rate

    Got 3 DSMs from level 65-66...My house is full of that stuff, seriously, best armor so far ingame and not even rare... But well, my waste is about... I don't even use potions at frost drags, I need about 100 mana for a frost dragon...Simply overpowered stuff here.
  10. Sorelio


    Salazar was using bot on cyclops, getting almost level 70 there, Thorn was using bots on tarantulas from 39 - 65... Well, our dear Moist isn't here, so we can't do anything, since not even PvP is enabled.
  11. Sorelio


    So, you are in holidays and loose your house just because nobody sitted you? Would probably make a month out of it.
  12. Sorelio


    Looking for a new server now, don't know what I should think about the owner...Don't want to concentrate on a server which mostlikely will be sold/closed. Have a nice day everyone, I'll only check out the updates from now on. Prejudices ain't my way of dealing things, since I don't know Moist that good.
  13. Sorelio

    Help us to discover all spells!

    Focused Aim: Snipe Shot (First spell, rank 1) Working like all the strike spells, dealing damage to a targeted enemy. 5 orbs, 15 mana. Note: On of the best spells to buy, cheap and nice damage output. Heart Shot (Fourth spell, rank 2) Snipe shot with more damage. 25 orbs, 15 mana. Note: The only thing a high level ranger can rely on at the moment, biggest damage output on ranger spells, least mana needed. Instant Kill (Sixth spell, rank 3) Last rank of snipe shot (-----> CARE, IT'S BUGGED!! Dealing a lot less damage then the other ranks!!) 60 orbs, 15 mana. Note: Not worth getting, since it's bugged. The spell after it won't make a difference, it will be a waste of 160 orbs getting both. Leg Snare (Second spell, on and only rank) The targeted enemy will get it's legs snared, making it less mobile (paralyze). Works on most monsters untill giant spiders, useless on higher monsters like frost dragons, behemoths etc. 10 orbs, 20 mana. Note: Pretty nice until a point where the monsters you can paralyze won't deal much damage on you, or are dead after 2 hits. Probably useful at PvP later on. Burst arrow (Third spell, rank 1) AoE damage around the targeted enemy. Around as big as great fireball runes field. Dealing physical damage, has fire animation, though. 15 orbs, 40 mana. Note: Good to get, can wipe out some small camps of weaker monsters, or dealing damage to more enemies. Greater burst arrow (Fifth spell, rank 2) Burst arrow's second rank. Working as burst arrow, dealing slightly more damage. 40 orbs, 40 mana. Note: Still worth getting, but not really that much better than burst arrow. Explosive arrow (Seventh spell, rank 3) Last rank of burst arrow, dealing really slightly more damage than the ranks before. 100 orbs, 40 mana. Note: Waste of orbs, you can do way better stuff with 100 orbs than getting this spell. Makes the tree complete, but that's the only thing this spell is worth, since it deals less to about 20 damage more to enemies (tested on level 105).
  14. Sorelio

    The AFK training.

    Not that much of luck, the max. dmg of a behemoth is 700, the usual amount is that they about 300 - 500 dmg, considering that this damage would be *3, so usual amount 900 - 1500 per turn, not hitting exactly the same round, making you able to heal between these hits, so if you are a lv 100 knight and 3 behemoths ALL hit at exactly the same time the max. damage, you would die, but most likely, this won't happen. You also, if you're a knowledgeful player, can lure the behemoths between some rocks, where your UE will hit all, still only 1 behemoth can use his melee on you. I wasn't lucky, I have been blocking 3 behemoths lots of times, also lured 5 in an edge where I could hit all, just depends where I am heading to. If you are not capable of playing this way, please don't try posting any further. Let's say it this way, 2 behemoths are easy to kill for a ranger at once, 3 are pretty much a bit of lucky, still not too much...For a knight, it goes with 3 usually, 4 okay...There goes again, UE while you lure, 2 of the 5 behemoths which are at the least level will be dead already. Makes you having 3 left with not as much health as you need to block them for too long.
  15. Sorelio


    Are we all allowed to spam here as much as we want? Isn't here a mod or something? Getting pretty annoyed... Moist said he was at his familys for christmas, how about you guys doing something alike, except you are just some kid, as others already stated.

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