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  1. I feel like some of the berserker spells doenst work well with his theme. He should have more spells that can combo with this passive, like the lvl 100 one that buffs his skills. Berserker is highly dependent of his itens, by that i mean that he need good/great equips, relics, etc to shiny. His damage comes basically only from this normal attacks and that makes his passive very important. If you want to increase your damage, you need to stay low, if you stay low, you are fucked (when you dont have the right itens). Passive: Feral Rage. -- A two edged blade, it can help you a lot or can kill you a lot. I love it. Calmness: still doenst heal you to full hp, its more like 90% i think. Good spell! Cutthroat Swing: Since the first time i laid my eyes on this spell i kinda hate it. It doesnt make sense why would i have a small wave spell? Why even one of my first spells? I really really reallyyyy dont like this one. Here it is a suggestion: do damage to a close target and his adjacents. Enraged: exori. Axethrow: I like this spell. May i suggest that the Enraged mode cause bleed? A BERSERKER NEEDS TO MAKE THEM BLEED!!!! Heroic Charge: Nice spell, no changes. Blood Frenzy: Cool spell, but for how much time the Blood Blobs last? I think it could be increased a little. This spell shows the wrong mana requirement. It says 280, but a lvl 30 berserker only have 150 mana. I think it costs 135 mana. Cant it be reduced to 85? 135 is almost his full mana at this level, if you think about it, this is a healing spell (kinda), nobody will be full mana all the time just in case they need to cast this one. Axereacher: I dont like this spell for the same reasons i dont like the cutthroat swing one. In my opinion this one could be changed. War Cry: I like the idea, but not that this spell is shared with swordsman. What if all vocations had a unique spell for team hunts? e.g.: Swordsman - Increase melee skills (not chaos) Berserker - Increase lifesteal Defender - Increase abs all Wildheart - Increase reflection Saint - Increase max hp and hp regen Spellcaster - Increase max mana and mana regen Necromancer - Increase wizardry Hunter - Increase distance and chaos skills Marksman - Increase critical chance Shadowstriker - Increase dodge chance Spearman - Increase movement speed Grinder: Love this one. Another option for a bleed effect when enraged. Decapitate: Completely useless spell. Having to wait 4s to do 6% or 10% damage of a creature hp and that creature have to be 4 sqm away AND it has restrictions, come on! You can hit more than 6% of most monsters with the initial weapon in 4s. Suggestion: Powerful Jump: Junto into a creature, doing some damage, causing slow and taunting the creature. Enraged: Same thing, but 3x3 aoe(around the monster you jumped) Burning Fury: I find the idea pretty cool. But again, i would rather see something like making you a mindless beast caunsing semi-blindness and burning to the berserker and giving him bonus fire damage. We would keep the random % of the spell and having to get to 100 rage to really go wild. Ruthless Rage: I was so happy when i saw this spell xDDD Butcher Slaughter: Its a very cool spell, specially when non enraged, but you see axes everywhere, passing through the monster and not hitting them, its pretty confusing. Both non enraged and enraged forms need better dmg, it does like 100-230 dmg, that too low. Another option for a bleed effect when enraged. Some ideas for spells: Blood hit: Do damage and causes bleed. Enraged: You do a full normal attack (literally, with elemantal damage and everything)plus bleed. Frenzy: Gives critical chance and reduces your abs all by 5 for a few seconds. Enraged: Gives critical chance and lifesteal but reduces your abs all by 5 for a few seconds. passive spells that can be used on itens: Peace and war: Berserker goes aganist his enjraged nature and loses 5% abs all while not enraged. While enraged the thrill for battle makes him stronger and careless, giving him critical chance, bonus damage and bleed effect on every hit (bleed stack max 5) and also 20% chance of losing hp on hit. (notice that this item would make him not to use any of his spells to stay enraged, thats why it gives such bonuses) Prey on the weak: While attacking monsters with red hp you gain bonus damage. Hate: Berserker gain rage when gets hitted. In the end, Berserkers need more passives that works with his attack, giving bonus damage, stun and things like that. @Beastmode Observations: single target dmg's should include more bleed dot's, AoE sweeps should be the 3 horizontal tiles infront of player... instead of blood blobs sprouted, they should be instantly absorbed because sometimes they spawn offmap where you cant reach... axe reacher is completely useless. why do zerkers need a beam-type spell when they have on-target weapon throw and sweep already...? lol Burning fury is awesome, just missing areas of dmg in the diagnals, a cool spell idea could be a revenge spell similar to cyclops smith's vengeful fart where the more dmg you take the more you explode with revenge dmg. upon activation -cant use heal spells? of course cant be as op as the boss
  2. SpellCaster 101

    I see... Later I'll fix my mistakes.
  3. SpellCaster 101

    Before I start, I want to say that this post is based in my opinion and some conversations with other players. I created this material a few months ago, but didint had time to post then, so here it is. TOPICS - PassiveS - Consumption Points - Shield or Spellbook - Critical - Attack Stances - Hints PASSIVES ~~ PassiveS? I think you have a typo. ~~ No, this is not a typo! PassiveS! You read it right! We have 2 passive skills! ~~ Fuck Yeah! I dont know what that means, but it sounds great! ~~ Language..! There might be kids reading this. ~~ Sorry. ~~ But yes, it is great, look. There are two different passives the "Mana Surge" and the "Elemental Master" (as far as I know, there is no official name for this "second" passive, so I'll call it that). Mana Surge: This ability gives you a chance to recover some of the mana spent on spells when you cast them. The amount of mana returned to you depend on the spell. ~~ Are you serious? This is cool!! ~~ I am and I know!! I agree with you! This is very cool! And get this, it gets better! ~~ No way! The Mana Surge chance gets improved based on your level (0.05% per level) and wizardry (0.13 per skill). You can see your Mana Surge chance by typing "/mschance". Note that this command does not consider the extra Mana Surge chance from equips or other sources. ~~ Nicee!! ~~ Yeahh, not only you can improve the chance with your level and skill, but you can also get some equips that will give some extra chance. Elemental Master: ~~ Like I said, I dont know if there is a name for this "passive", so I'll call it that, just because I can!! Muahaha!! ~~ Ok, not a problem, this is a very cool name! Spellcasters, as you all know, can cast spells from four different elements: Fire, Ice, Earth and Energy. However, you can only use two of them at the same time. The spell "mas diax sus" teleports you to the place where you can choose the elements that you want. Note that you have to be in the temple to use this spell. One thing that A LOT OF people (probably just me ) doesnt know at the beginning is that the fire element have an extra perk. ~~Wow... an extra perk! *--* That means that the spells from the fire element dont have exaustion. In other words, you can cast a combo or chain of different spells of the same element without have to wait their exaustion time. ~~No Fucking Way! Thats awesome! ~~ Language! ~~ Sorry ~~ Just between you and me, I discovered that when I was lvl 40 - Yeah, judge me! ~~ Ok, Noob. ~~ What did you said? ~~ Nothing!! CONSUMPTION POINTS ~~ So, Consumption Points... ~~ Where I can find that? ~~ At the "Skill & Stats" window. ~~ Oh, ok. ~~ Like i was saying... There are 5 types of Consumption Points. Eney, Vitoa A, Lupol, Vitoa B and Aoni. ~~ I dont get it. ~~ I didint start explaining yet, so how can you get it? ~~ ... Eney - This will improve your movement speed and your stamina regen while eating Eney food. You must have Eney 2. By adding 1 point you'll be able to run forever while eating eney foods. By eating Eney foods while hunting, you'll improve your exp/hr a lot. Keep in mind that, to have a great speed you have to be with 100+ stamina and you can only get pass 100 and up to 105 if you eat eney food. Vitoa A - This give you +3HP per point and improve your life regen while eating vitoa A food. In my opinion, as a mage you dont need to spend any points here. Why? Well, this wont make you a tank or even make you hunt things without mana shield, so its kinda poitless. And about the life regen, well, its way better to have a good mana regen to cast spells to regen your life, this way you'll gain some wizardry skill too. So I suggest keeping this with 1 at the beginning. Lupol - For now, every 3 points give you one extra tick on foods (improve their duration) and they also improve the potions, giving +5 regen on use for each point. But the potions have their max cap: Mana potion max healing: 130 + lowerBetween(70 or lupol*3). Max healing = 200 Strong mana potion max healing: 210 + lowerBetween(115 or lupol*3). Max healing = 325 Great mana potion max healing: 300 + lowerBetween(170 or lupol*3). Max healing = 470 ~~??? ~~ Ok, Lets look at the mana potion. The lowerBetween will pick the lower value between 70 and the amount of lupol points that you have times 3. So to get to the max healing, that in this case is 200, you'll need... ~~ ... ~~ ZzZzZ... Lupol 24, you'll need to put 24 Consumption Points on lupol. ~~ Ohhh, so for the other two I'll need 39 and 57 respectively? ~~ Yes, thats it! ~~ Ok! I think I'll write this down... ~~ So... Like we discussed now That means that you have to get 24, 39 and 57 respectively on lupol to get the best results. But, there is another potion that gets better based on your lupol. The small immanence potion. This potion heals mana equal to Lupol*5+Wizardry. And is considered as a food. By being a food this have a good side and a bad side, the good side is that this potion have a Vitoa B = 26, so its a great food, but, as a bad side, if you have no hunger, you cant use it, but this would only happen if you eat all the food you see in front of you or you are geting a lot of hits with mana shield. For those reasons, I think this is the best consumption point for spellcasters right now, so you should put everything you got in it. ~~ Damn! These potions are fucking great! ~~ ... The kids dude, stop swearing! ~~ Shit, I forgot! My bad. ~~ ... Vitoa B - This give you +2 mana per point and improve your mana regen while eating vitoa B food. Yeah, that sounds good, but, by doing the math (that im not gonna show here), if you spend 10 points in here, you are going to get amost only 7 mana regen per tick (using fish fillet), if you spend 13 you start go gain 8 a few times and with 15 its almost 50% each. To start getting 9 youll have to put at least 22 points and for 10 regen youll have to put 38 points. So, if you dont want to have a lot of waste with potions and dont want to spend a lot of points, I would suggest you to get 10, 13 or 15 tops (like i did). After that amount, to improve the regen you have to spend a lot of point that could improve your potions. Aoni - This give you +1 soul per point and improve your soul regen while eating Aoni food. Up to this point Spellcasters dont use Souls for anything, so you should keep it in 1. ~~ Wait a second, I'm still writing this down.. ~~ ... SHIELD OR SPELLBOOK ~~ Thats easy! Spellcasters are mages, so aways a spellbook! ~~ No. See.. In Necronia the monsters are stronger and usually have some strong/annoying ability that can get you in trouble. Spellbooks, dont give you much defence, as they shouldnt, but, today, in my opinion, all the spellbooks I saw are useless for us. I mean, its not worth to lose that much defence to get such little benefits. As i said and you probably saw for yourself, a lot of monsters here are very strong, resistent or have some ability that can potentially get you killed, so you need every extra def that you can get and trade that defence for mana, low mana regen, + 1 wizardry or 10 damage in some skills wont make you kill them fast enough to compensate the defence loss. ~~ So I should never use a spellbook? ~~ Not never... In most cases, I dont recomend using them to hunt alone, but if you are in a party or even to train wizardry, why not? In the first case, use one that gives you some extra damage. To train, use one that gives you mana regen or more mana surge. ~~ Hum... That makes sense... CRITICAL Spellcasters dont have criticals, instead, they have some bonus when casting some spells, like Embers. The bonus have diferente names, but its the same bonus, only with different text. They appear as red letters when you cast some spells. Increasing you critical hate wont help you increase your conus chance. For now, I dont know whats the chance and neither the damage increase that it gives the spell. ~~ Holy shit!!! This is fucking awesome!! ~~ STFU you motherfucker!! I already fucking told you, stop swearing! You piece of shit! ATTACK STANCES Here in Necronia the stances can affect your spells, so that means that you dont need to be at full defence all the time. Offensive: 10% more damage on spells, 20% less defense. Balanced: Normal attack and defense. Defensive: 10% less damage on spells, 35% more defense. HINT The best tip that I can give you guys and probably the most important thing in this post is: Use an old mans outfit. I mean, you have to look old! You are a fucking mage, if you dont look old, you are automatically a bad mage, that just a fact. Hope this can help some of you guys! See Ya! Samhain
  4. The Strange Creatures of Necronia

    Which creature behaviour do you like the most? When you first encounter a Crab and he jumps in your face its kinda funny, if you are not running for your life from a Giant Crab, that is. The Cyclop Drone toss is amazing! I remember the first time he threw me across the room... I was like "wtf just happend?", Its a great comcept! If you are a non-warrior class, you know that if you let them get close enouth, its gonna cost you. I agree wth Lux about the feeling of being chased by a Tricerath. I must say I HATE the Groyrange Spidrict!!! If Im solo and I encounter one, doesnt matter that I can probably solo them, the only thing I can think is "RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!". So i guess they accomplished the goal of fear the crap out of people. Which creature behaviour annoys you the most? Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug Barrenbug... And of course, as a Spellcaster, those %@%$&¨@#$@$@$!%$¨@#@!$#%$#¨Elf Arcanist. Its like there is a condition "If elf arcanist is on screen then mana=0;" Which mechanics do you find difficult to fight against, but well designed? Groyrange Spidrict with his venom. The Big water elemental, if you dont kill it fast, youll stay with it forever. What other cool mechanics would you like to see implemented? Toss. The creature can throw the player into the sky (similar to what the Giant Dragonfly does to itself) causing some damage with the throwing part and on the fall, but, like with the Giant Dragonfly, when the player is falling, a "!" would appear and if another player stays in that SQM, the player that was threw away dont take/or less damage on the fall. Doomed Area. The creature can throw this spell into the players location, making the SQM that he is in and some around him "doomed" (Similiar to the firebomb rune). As long as the player is in this doomed area, he loses a little life per second and get all his resistences and armor drastically reduced. The effect goes away when the player leave this area. Swap. Its better for some mage creatures that likes to keep a distance between the player and itself. The creature swaps position with a player.
  5. Embers - Spellcaster

    I see... What about this "Combonus"? He needs something to be trigged? Like cast 4 spells in a row? And one more thing, Embers is the only spell with these "bonus damage"?
  6. Embers - Spellcaster

    What are those red words that sometimes appear when you use the Embers spell? They mean something? Like, bonus damage or something? Btw, the Searing Rod says "Increases damage of [Combust] and [Embers] by 9-17 and gives 15 percent more chance to trigger its bonus." What bonus is that? Because I checked and didin't find anything on the spell list. They are: Melted Combustion Combonus
  7. Status Notifications Feedback Thread

    I see. Well, i think that it could be a little more below the char and the icons a little smaller too. With 0.5 seconds more at its "big stage". Smaller because its getting almost the same size as the char. 0.5 more time because this way if you are in trouble you can see what it is more clearly.
  8. Suggestions

    I have a new idea. Guild Rank No, I'm not talking about those ranks based on who killed more. In this case, the ranks would be used to improve the interactions between guild members, making them working together to make a "better guild". How this would work? ​Guilds now have levels or ranks and each one of them would give something extra for the guild. To upgrade a guild, the members would have to gather some materials or even some money.If you consider that guilds are supposed to have more than a few members, the amount of materials does not have to be small, that means that this would bring some action to the market, making people use or sell materials that otherwise would be stuck in the depot. ex: To upgrade to rank 1, the members have to gather 5000 wood and 2000 iron. This rank give the hability to buy a guild house. The delivery process can be done with a NPC. The members can ask the amount of materials already delivered. (similar to the "discount" with the NPC Martha)An extra feature could be: Leaders can ask to the npc the members that already have contributed. Other "prizes" New access; New NPC functions; Especial Shop that "open" more itens to sell/buy based on the guild rank; Guild dungeons that could only be enteres with players of the same guild.
  9. Status Notifications Feedback Thread

    Your potion cooldowns have been refreshed to 0s. Would you like to see this implemented? Explain your answer.Yes, but in a different location. In which area around your character would you like to see these icons? (Above your head, left of you, right of you, below you?)I would suggest that the cooldown should appear on top of the screen (near the ping). Do you feel the animation should be longer (icons be displayed for a longer time? How much?)I think the animation should appear when you used the potion and with a timer in it. After the timer get to 0, the animation disappears. Your hygiene is deteriorating. Your hygiene has improved. Would you like to see this implemented? Explain your answer.Yes, but in a different location. And they could be three, instead of two. 1- when you starts to smell (with a yellow color, maybe); 2- when the npcs wont talk to you anymore (with a red color, maybe) 3- when you are washing yourself. In which area around your character would you like to see these icons? (Above your head, left of you, right of you, below you?)Those could be in the Health screen with the magic shield, eating food, fire damage, etc. Seems more natural there, after all, thats the place where all this status are usually present. Do you feel the animation should be longer (icons be displayed for a longer time? How much?)They should stay while you are washing yourself (3) or until you wash yourself (1 and 2). Which kind of statuses other than the ones I listed above would you like to be able to track with these icons? Explain. Not sure if this would be about what you are asking, but... You could add some timers for spells and food. They could stay near the ping. Doing that the top screen would become an area for timers. I guess i went into a different direction there... Well, that was my opinion.
  10. Artifacts

    So i can have more than 3 of the same artifact in the same equip? I heard somewhere that you can only have 3 of them, like 3 greater artifact of cruciality and 3 artifact of cruciality, but not 5 greater artifact of cruciality. Is that true?
  11. Artifacts

    Is there a limit of how many artifacts you can put in one equip? I know that you need 10 blacksmith lvls for each socket on the equip, but is there a limit of sockets? Is there any restrictions regarding the number of each artifacts on the equip? Ex: I can put 5 greater artifact of cruciality on my weapon? And I noticed that sapphires don't have "theyr own artifact" (like the other gems). You guys plan to create one at some point? One last thing, you guys plan to make a rework on the artifacts any time soon or there are other priorities?
  12. Suggestions

    Thanks for your reply! I'm glad that you liked some of my ideas. xD
  13. Suggestions

    Sup, guys! Here is some of my ideas, hopefully one of them will be good or inspire you guys to improve something. 1. Training room: A room that every vocation can train "equally" with some rulles. You can only hit the dummies with a certain weapon that cant be tempered with (like putting artifacts); The room would generate mana for everyone in it, but if you leave, your mana goes to 0; Wands would consume a certain amount of mana (for exambple 50 per hit). ~~ It would take some calculations for the gain of wizardry become similar to the other ones in the room. 2. Turn cook into a skill. Cooked foods would have a limited RND value; The higher your skill is, greater will be your chance to cook a better version of the food; Some food woud give skill, speed, life, mana, etc (temporarily, of course); Some rare animals and plants would appear in random locations of the map and when killed or used would give some rare ingredients to cook with. 3. Wood based daily task: Example. An npc near the Outlaw Camp is building a house, but because of the outlaws scaring the vendors away, he can't get more wood; He would ask for a RND number of each wood; He would give XP or gold. 4. Party members in appearing in the minimap. Well, like the tittle said, the PT members would appear in the minimap, a resource very common on MMORPGs. 5. Enchantment system. Yes, i know that there are artifacts and that you can drop uncommon/rare/epic items, but this is kinda different; The item would gain an unique abiity (Ex: 10% chance to give extra 100 damage on atk.) AT RANDOM (you don't know what ability you will get); A NPC witch (maybe even in Oiopata Village) would enchant your items for a price/ingredients; You get access to this NPCs features when your help her with something; It would require some ingredients, gold and the item that you want to enchant; The item must satisfy some requirements for it to be able to get enchanted (Ex: have two sockets); Items can only be enchanted once and it's not reversible. 6. Achievements benefits. Some of the achievements would give permanent attributes as reward (ex: +2 movement speed, +10 life, +1 Eney, etc). 7. Dungeon system: Like in most of the MMORPGs, we could use some Dungeons. It would need a ticket to get in, that could be dropped by some creatures with some relation with the dungeon; The Dungeons have time to be completed; If you die, you cannot enter until the dungeon is over; If the time ends, everyone gets to teleported to the entrance of the dungeon; It has a boss in the end; It has some related theme structures and traps. 8. Show "next upgrade" in each of the items on the blackmith recipies. 9. Show Cooldown of the skills on the top of the screen. 10. Items with empty sockets can be dropped. 11. Rune system: No, it's not like Tibia. Runes would be used like arrows; Runes would have upgraded versions with level and wizardry restrictions; Runes have elemental damage, like wands, and you must use the ones that have the same element as your wand or it won't work; At it's first stage it would give 5-10 extra damage; Second stage (level 50+ and 30+ wizardry required): 25% of your wizardry as damage and 2x2 area atk; Third stage (level 100+ and 50+ wizardry required): 50% of your wizardry as damage and 3x3 area atk; Only obtainable by craft. Yes, I know, some of the ideas are just crazy or unviable, but well... why not share them xD
  14. Mages - weapon artefacts

    Yeah, +1 is probably to too low. About my test, my bad i typed the wrong number... its 59.8 so it didin't prove that was in fact a gain, but like you said, it would be hard to tell with only +1. Sadly i ran out of ideas. I don't think that any of the artifacts can be used by mages atm. Tnx again
  15. Mages - weapon artefacts

    Tnx again for the clarification, but i just tested that and it actually doesn't work. The stats on the wand doesn't change when you use the artifact. I tested bouth: Before: 15 hits = 58,8 After: 15 hits = 59,53 Wand: springsprout rod. Artifact: Artifact of soil.

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