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  1. Lunara

    Poi gravestone 7.6 bug

    dead community haha
  2. Lunara

    Poi gravestone 7.6 bug

  3. Lunara

    Poi gravestone 7.6 bug

  4. Lunara

    Poi gravestone 7.6 bug

    Im trying use vial of blood on gravestone and wont work and dont get any error on console http://4.1m.yt/ahVEPtqMS.pnghere i image here the script gravestone.lua function onAddItem(moveitem, tileitem, pos, cid) print(moveitem.itemid, moveitem.type) if moveitem.itemid == 2025 and moveitem.type == 2 then local pid = getTopCreature({x=32791,y=32334,z=9}).uid if not isPlayer(pid) then return false end doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(pid), CONST_ME_DRAWBLOOD) doTeleportThing(pid, {x=32791, y=32334, z=10}) doSendMagicEffect({x=32791, y=32334, z=10}, 10) doCreatureSay(pid, "Muahahahaha...", 1) end return false end btw use avesta otserver 7.60 repp++ help!

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