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  1. I bought over 10 keys for one of the chests and got 1 decent item, rest was literal trash. Felt kinda scammy, I get the risk, but it felt like a huge waste.
  2. Making a full Dragoon in the style of Kain Highwind from FF for spearman. I will gladly donate more than I have already, I will donate 200 points for it. Always wanted that look in an RPG and FF14 is too much of a grind, plus I love tibs. Great update btw, but I noticed spells are still missing from book. Congrats on the return of Crystal, should turn him/her into the Bawfuria guide. Lastly please add a box for Bawfuria like in the temple for "rook"stayers.
  3. Necronia is moving really slow so count me in. Feel free to FB me. NVM, premium turned me off I have no issue with cosmetics, but if i wanted premmy id play real tibs. Good luck tho
  4. Well if there is anything I can do, let me know. I have modded and ran servers since 2001/2002 Good luck, this server deserves the best, but doesnt appeal enough to players. Please also consider a Sattnyr/Bawfuria addon with stronger mobs, and lowering the housing by like 75%. I am sure I wont be the only person to stay on the "newbie' island The hidden stuff there is also wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to hidden.
  5. I want to play because community is 1/30th of what it was. Afraid to break my spears with the months I put into them, and Spearman is the most boring class since DPS nerf. I get wrecked by Skeletons at lvl 45. I really want to play but I am not putting in the months straight that I used to when the game was better like August-December before nerf and money bug. Leveling on mobs needs a huge increase to stay competitive with out major overhaul servers like Archlight. Necroinia is better and doesnt deserve this. With love. ~Kain If you ever, EVER, need any help, I am great at mapping.
  6. Thank you for responding. Was wondering about the misses for a long time.
  7. Can you please make a visual marker or someway to tell when the spearman Breaker passive is active and working? It is currently impossible to tell if it is working or does anything. Perhaps the damage becomes a different color based on the Breaker % being dealt to enemy. Or a bar like Barrier that is 0-150 and fills based on 0% Breaker to 150% being 15% Breaker at full stack. Also, does a miss reset the stack?
  8. How much are they going to cost and will they be character or account specific? Also, what are going to be the benefits of deluxe account?
  9. Damn that was a fast reply. Thanks for the response.
  10. Was wondering if you guys ever plan on starting up a higher "rate" server? I know you guys made the game very specifically and made it hard for a reason, but I was just wondering. I think it would be more popular and bring in more people to the main server aswell.
  11. So I havent played since end of winter after losing everying ause of the cheaters. Now I cant login or recover my account. I donated years ago so I wanted my points and to see if spearman is still awful. Names Kain, unsure about my girlfriends account Anisoptera. Nevermind, can get in my gfs account but not mine...
  12. Since spearman is useless and no one plays it since the way too big of nerf you guys need to fix it. If anything lower their defence and increase their power, they are terribly weak now, with all the elemental spears I cant even hit over 150-200 crits unless its elemental weak. Make them more of DPS class. Lower the grades of armor they can use (not shields), slightly lower the HP per level and it will be fine. Only high leverl abusers had that hardcore damage that killed the spearman class. All of the OP classes like wildheart,shadow strikers, berserkers, defender and elementalist didnt get nearly as big of nerfs as spearman, it broke the vocation. Spearman is literally now the worst vocation choice, and making the spears break will just put final nail in coffin. Worst comes to worst, make a Dragoon DPS class with the same spears with weaker defense, maybe even no shield with a spear buff. You guys also need to reimburse people who lost all their gold to broke house system. Also is the server dead?
  13. I feel your pain man. I bought a house and then the server went down for awhile it came back and my bank was completely empty. I lost around 40k in that month of downtime and the rent on my house was under or around 10k.
  14. Its ok, the server just keeps getting harder and harder so after losing 40k from my little house while server was down and the proposed changes to make my spear collection useless plus the horrible damage output I have not played since server came back. Maybe after more changes and balancing I might come back, but a higher rate more "fun" type server alongside this one would definitely bring in more people. I really enjoyed the challenge but it was just becoming too much.
  15. Please consider adding antoher ess hardcore server in the future. I spent months and months grinding out the crafting system, training skills, leveling and I cant consistenly hit over 100.