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    Tibia 6.4

    Hello.. How do I go about extracting sprites from Tibia 6.4? Thanks. P.S.: I think Reebow's first version extractor would work. If anybody would be so kind to post it since now all speedyshare/rapidshare/megaupload links are dead.
  2. likamawa


    Saludos. Tengo un low lvl, estoy esperando que mis amigos suban un poco para hacer mi promo -- pronto posteo mi nick
  3. likamawa

    Week 14 - 2015: April Update

    Looks just fine and non-chalant. Kudos
  4. likamawa

    Tibia 7.6 search (binnary + source)

    For distro: Avesta / Yurots For client: just google, http://otservlist.org/download
  5. likamawa

    Week 14 - 2015: April Update

    Those colors are too gloomy for the eye. Make an alternate, more vibrant, and gayer one
  6. likamawa

    Week 14 - 2015: April Update

    I think this momentarily also makes up for the lack of a better UI. Cheers!

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