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  1. Trailer IP: animerarpg.com Client: 10.98 Website: www.animerarpg.com Rates: Exp: 150x Skills: 35x Magic: 20x Loot: 3 Guide: http://www.animerarpg.com/guide.php Discord: https://discord.gg/D4Rzxzf Screenshots: Features: The perfect balance between FUN & RPG! 40GB+ UNQUE MAP (about half size of rl tibia map) FREE VIP/PREMIUM Daily events(Raids, Last man standing, Daily quests etc). 400+ Custom creatures 50+ Custom bosses Secondary promotion Story mode (With cutscenes) Custom Items/Equipments/Weapons Custom Spells(Most rl based but also some exciting awesome spells) AI bosses & creatures. Loads of challenging quests! Auto gold farming Stairhop delay to 0.5MS No level requirements for equipment/weapons/runes. Sprite wand (and many more awesome staffs). No overpowered donation items. Trainers for knight/paladin/mages. Minecart system (Replaces the teleports, we might expand this in the future). no mining, lumberjacking and other gay features! Helping hand system Conjuring effect doubled. Skill rings increased. PVP Guild War mode PVP with exp bonus Balanced vocations Last man standing event 1 VS 1 Arena Frag remover: Yes Frags to Red skull: 4 Frags to Black skull: 7 Frag time: 6 hours REGISTER NOW! http://www.animerarpg.com/register.php JOIN US AT DISCORD! https://discord.gg/D4Rzxzf Animera
  2. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

    Dear folks! We are ready to go online. Everything has been set up. After 7+ f*cking years. Unfortunately otserverlist advertisement spots has been reserved for the upcoming 2 weeks. So we cannot go online without enough advertisement. We will inform you guys, when the date is set. We want to launch it the first best spot that is available in the weekends. Meanwhile, everyone is able to create a account already at www.animerarpg.com Kind regards, Animera
  3. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

    Official trailer is up!
  4. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

    (If any moderator see this, all links were dead, so there are a few comments that could be deleted). I do have spiced up the first post again, i hope you will enjoy it! Soon online!
  5. Animera

    Hey Otfans! From back in the days!

    I got the same problem twice, otfans.net -> redirected to -> opentibia.net again warning that the website is not safe. On firefox aswell chrome. Almost everyone moved to otland, even i did after a while.. and a part ot might be retired. hate to say it too..
  6. Animera

    [Mapeditor] OTWorlds

    I like the idea but... -> Make another option then just login by facebook, maybe a otland account or a special mapping account, where you can link your account with ot community websites. Or with a small profile information on hover? -> Able to use your own items.otb / items.xml / dat and spr, you can upload it and will be temporary saved based on your cookie settings? -> able to choose which client your working, based on that the dat/spr/otb will be set for you. -> Control settings? For example G = Minimap on/off Scroll = Zoom in/out or just scroll? -> Maybe something like save mode? For examle browser crashes or something happens suddenly that the latest back-up will be mailed to you?
  7. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

  8. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

  9. Animera

    Mine paint skillz

    thanks once again, it just sucks i got lack of time to sprite more.. so i try to finish animera this year then i can fully focus on this project. Now i do time to time swap with my projects..
  10. Animera

    Animera [V2] Showoff

    thank you i really appericiate it!
  11. Animera

    Mine paint skillz

    thanks <3

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