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  1. Official trailer is up!
  2. (If any moderator see this, all links were dead, so there are a few comments that could be deleted). I do have spiced up the first post again, i hope you will enjoy it! Soon online!
  3. I got the same problem twice, -> redirected to -> again warning that the website is not safe. On firefox aswell chrome. Almost everyone moved to otland, even i did after a while.. and a part ot might be retired. hate to say it too..
  4. I like the idea but... -> Make another option then just login by facebook, maybe a otland account or a special mapping account, where you can link your account with ot community websites. Or with a small profile information on hover? -> Able to use your own items.otb / items.xml / dat and spr, you can upload it and will be temporary saved based on your cookie settings? -> able to choose which client your working, based on that the dat/spr/otb will be set for you. -> Control settings? For example G = Minimap on/off Scroll = Zoom in/out or just scroll? -> Maybe something like save mode? For examle browser crashes or something happens suddenly that the latest back-up will be mailed to you?
  5. thanks once again, it just sucks i got lack of time to sprite more.. so i try to finish animera this year then i can fully focus on this project. Now i do time to time swap with my projects..
  6. thank you i really appericiate it!
  7. thanks <3
  8. -
  9. Im using simones map editor hehe...
  10. Nice, i check it later... Got one fast question.. i've added a invisible item in my spr... But id 459 and 460 are visible in the mapeditor how i can do the same with my new added invisible sprite?
  11. Thanks :>