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  1. Looks good! Do you have any project files that give insight into the process?
  2. To our valued and respected members: We are pleased to announce that effective April 17, 2017 will be merging with This is a very exciting event for both sites, for our staff and our members. Our greatest assets have always been our communities, and by joining forces we have just made a significant increase in the quality of that asset. We are forging a new community with enhanced experience and invigorated effort. Our merger will create a higher functioning site with faster performance as we halve our overhead running costs and nearly double the former performance metrics. This is a merger of two highly compatible communities. Our communities have worked towards common goals and shared members since the inception of Vapus. We hold similar values and philosophies on doing providing a platform for an open community: producing an excellent platform for our users, an emphasis on openness and integrity, and the importance of maintaining the security of your account data. Though we will now operate as one company— —you can rely on the same responsive moderation team that you have had in the past. Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our community, our staff and OpenTibia. UPDATES: ADDED: Imported database Forum posts and boards are slowly being merged on a review basis, eg. Native Chat -> Native Chat, Projects -> Archived Projects Members are imported, though members with the same name will need to request an account merge Please Private Message me, or use the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page with both of your account names and we can discuss means to validate Created 'OpenTibia - Light' theme Enabled the Store system (refer header bar) You are now able to buy sidebar ads for an extremely cheap cost (only visible to users that are Guests, Banned or not logged in) Note, we are not currently expecting to create further ad space and dillute your browsing experience You are now able to purchase gift cards for your favourite server owners and content creators to advertise their server Opened up a restricted REST API for limited downloads and transaction data to enable integrations with 3rd parties eg. sell a plugin on the forum with 1 month's access, plugin owner can validate your licence is still active for it when you try to use it Added a Discord profile field CHANGED: Renamed 'OpenTibia' theme to 'OpenTibia - Dark' Migrated several archived projects from (-2009 era) into the Archived Projects forum All forum themes have had AJAX pagination disabled to compile with Google's 'all ads on load' policy Hidden some outdated social profile fields Contact Us now generates a Forum Support ticket to the administrators, rather than triggering an e-mail Only Donors can now use animated profile pictures Restricted the number of new Conversations the can be created per minute, per to user to '1' for Members, to prevent Conversation spam REMOVED: Dropped the Discord content block from the forums, is now just visible on the Homepage
  3. @Amiroslo - check it out
  4. Changed: Primarily user-facing: Upgraded registration to use reCAPTCHA 2 instead of reCAPTCHA 1 Enabled a Leaderboard system based on reputation Each day, three members with the most reputation for the day are stored in a leaderboard You can also see Top Members, based on overall reputation I was was considering running it on a content-to-likes ratio, but this would disadvantage our legacy members I feel this system should put a higher focus on quality content, over quantity of posts (as it was prior) Enabled 2-factor authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator This can be set up for existing users via Account Security Made both e-mail and notification list notifications optional and adjustable for all notifications, sans administrator-triggered e-mails Disable advertisement (only guests could see prior) Disabled Pinterest sharing Disable Google Plus One sharing Added Spoiler button to 'Large' toolbar Pasting text will now give you the option to strip the formatting Return key now starts a new line rather than a new paragraph Added Discord integration Old themes have been disabled, they do not support the current forum setup - but we may revisit them and update them in the future New theme! Some existing forums have been updated with question and answer functionality You can up and down vote answers You can up and down vote questions (up vote if you have the same question!) Topic author and select staff can select Best Answer Sections have been added for 'Questions with no best answer' and 'Popular questions from the past month' Enabled browser notifications Created a new landing page Internal: Linked images are now served securely from local server and are cached for 7 days Upgraded database store and forum to leverage UTF-8 (specifically, 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci') Enabled SSL Updated Steam authentication method Note that if you use this login method and have 2FA enabled on both your and Steam account, you'll need to complete it for both You may need to decouple and resync your profile, however Updated Facebook authentication method Feedback Wanted: Reputation System Current have the 'Like'-based reputation system turned on I'd be open to moving to the positive only reputation system being enabled instead if there is a preference for it Warnings Users must acknowledge issued warnings before posting again? I'm concerned this might put our non-English members at risk if they don't see and comprehend the warning Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Prompt users to set-up 2FA when first accessing a secure page, if not already set-up? (eg. password reset, e-mail change) Currently, users can opt to enable it - but are never prompted Enable Security Questions as an alternate 2FA source?
  5. ADDED: Kazordoon-ish NPC Name Generator Uses a Markov chain to dynamically generate Egyptian Kazordoon-ish sounding names. Will create more upon request
  6. Hey mate, welcome back! I'd be interested in that warning you're getting, if you'd like to flick it through to me.
  7. CHANGED: Enabled Christmas snow feature
  8. FIXED: Websites & Skins Downloads category submissions now correctly generate their respective support thread in the relevant forum sub-category;These were previously not generating Ran Downloads area submission support topic fix tool to generate any support threads that were not generated when they should have been prior CHANGED: Disabled Christmas snow Updated forum background to reflect the latest winter update
  9. File Name: Monster Sprite GIFs File Submitter: STiX File Submitted: 01 Jan 2016 File Category: Websites & Skins I noticed that many website templates have outdated monster sprites. As such, I've prepared the following pack as a replacement. There are some doubles, such as bosses being represented in their respective sub-folder and those of which they are also related to. Use as you see fit. Credits: The users on TibiaWikia who have produced these GIFs CIPSOFT for the sprite work Click here to download this file
  10. Version


    I noticed that many website templates have outdated monster sprites. As such, I've prepared the following pack as a replacement. There are some doubles, such as bosses being represented in their respective sub-folder and those of which they are also related to. Use as you see fit. Credits: The users on TibiaWikia who have produced these GIFs CIPSOFT for the sprite work


  11. Completed; hope it helps
  12. You accidentally linked the picture.
  13. I can answer any questions. Tossing up the idea of making it all a read-only archive.