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    •   Huntera OTserver / 11.43+   After more than 2 months of working, continuously developing and testing our systems and everything, we finally decided to open the doors for you tibian public, I present to you the new EuropeanTibia server, we believe to be the most complete and stable server (Without demeaning any other existing server). 

      Our main goal is to ensure high quality gameplay with paid and active paid employees. 
      Our server is comprised of Global Map with all 11+ upgraded areas, systems, mounts, outfits, quests, automatic event items and more.     New summons: Each vocation can cast its own summon, which will follow you around and attack the same monsters as you are. Its movement speed corresponds with yours and it can change levels to follow you up or down stairs or ladders. Keep in mind, these summons cannot participate in certain boss fights. Second wind:
      Depending on your remaining health, second wind allows you to increase your damage output in dangerous situations. The lower your remaining health, the higher the damage you will deal.  Challenge:
      A knight that casts challenge, attracts the attention of surrounding monsters for at least 8 seconds. Within that time frame, the challenge spell can only be broken if the corresponding knight dies, leaves the battle scene, or another knight decides to cast challenge. Weakened monsters cannot flee as long as they are controlled by the spell. Conjure wand of darkness:
      We replaced the spell enchant staff to conjure wand of darkness. The new wand of darkness deals high death damage and temporarily increases your magic level. 

      New conjure spells:
      We have removed the following spells from the game:
      conjure bolt, conjure sniper arrow, conjure piercing bolt, conjure poisoned arrow as well as the promotion spell conjure power bolt.
      In return, paladins received three, more powerful, new promotion spells: conjure diamond arrow, conjure spectral bolt and conjure royal star.                   What can you find on our server?     Some exclusive features - Report bugs using CTRL + Z (fixed daily)   - Otherworld, Krailos, Gray beach, Roshamuul with resources, Warzone I, II, III, Ferumbras Ascendant, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale.     - Latest 11.0+ client     - Retro Formula of speed (higher levels are faster)        - Latest Bosses 11.0+       - Latest systems (Imbuements, Prey) 11.0+       - We are perfectionists , Meaning you will not see bugs as easily, but if you see, report and logo will be fixed. Halls of Hope, Warzone I, II, III, Ferumbras Ascendant, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale.  - Latest 11.0+ client  - Retro Formula of speed (higher levels are faster)  - Latest Areas and Monsters 11.0+  - Latest Outfits and Mounts 10.0+  - Latest Bosses 10.0+  - Latest systems (Imbuements, Prey) 10.0+  - We are perfectionists , Meaning you will not see bugs as easily, but if you see, report and logo will be fixed. Warzone I, II, III, Ferumbras Ascendant, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale.  - Latest 10.0+ client - Retro Formula of speed (higher levels are faster)  - We are perfectionists , Meaning you will not see bugs as easily, but if you see, report and logo will be.     » Great server stability in terms of D-dos protection, along with a completely lag-free connection.
      » No-Pay-2-win Items, only Store with Outfits, Mounts, house furniture and some items.
      » You can hunt with the protection of, Runes of energy / fire and better poison!
      » Shared Experience between party members, XP Boosts and real A.I monsters.
      » Active support that will assist you on facebook or in help channel in case if you will need it.
    • Hello after nearly four weeks of break. This long distance was mainly due to my two weeks vacation, but in the meantime I had time to add new things. During this time:   The Barbarian Test Quest has been added, which is a direct introduction to Ice Island Quests, and subsequently to Norseman Outfit Quest. Along with Quest, a large area on Glacius has been added. The Barbarians have found their place in the new area.   There have been a lot of bug fixed reported over the past few weeks, including unpacking of Robert's packs, Stuffed Dragon animations, tasks, Dharalion boss, and some other.   The full support for all channels for bug reporting and reporting has been added. You can now report errors using the shortcut CTRL + Z by filling out a brief description in the new window.     Every player can additionally submit a report in 3 categories:
      against player name against player statement using cavebot by the player
          Of course, you can still send reports to tutors, on Game-Chat, Help, offline messages, email or Facebook.   See you in the game, hear you in chat!
    • OTMarket is here! The first and one of a kind market for selling and buying OT related stuff. Login with your PayPal and set your username!   Benefits of using it???!   No chargebacks Middleman All the information are securely stored Encrypted files See what people say! and much more!   For a full description of OTMarket, Check
    • Heya all, good to see some activity around. How everyone is doing? Been a long time - really a loooong time.
    •   Welcome to Proudera!   Proudera is an unique realmap with lots of full quests. You can rpg here and you can have nice wars here.
      We are still in beta so you can add suggestions.
      Unique features: * You can loot boosted items.
      * We have lots of events!
      * Dedicated ddos protected server!
      * No pay to win!
      * Money is valuable!
      * Normal blessing costs!
      * Many quests are detailed and extended!
      * Full quests!
      Frags: Frags with red skull per day: 6
      Frags with red skull per week: 10
      Frags with red skull per month: 20
      Frags with black skull per day: 12
      Frags with black skull per week: 20
      Frags with black skull per month: 40
      Red skull time: 3 days
      Black skull time: 6 days   Exp stages:
      lvl 1-20 50x
      lvl 21-40 35x
      lvl 41-60 20x
      lvl 61-80 15x
      lvl 81-100 10x
      lvl 101-120 7x
      lvl 121-150 5x
      lvl 151-175 2x
      lvl 176-200 1.5x
      lvl 201-250 1x
      lvl 251-xxxx 0.7x Skills 11x, Magic rate: 6x, Loot rate: 2.2x
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