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  5. Re-opened today! Level 50s with reduced speed Knight and Paladins now balanced Reworked soul Added Fibula and Dwarf Bridge Area to the map rotation Added more rewards for kill streaks (skulls) and rewards for 'shut downs' (killing a player with a killstreak/skull) Added PvP Arenas Added Event; Players level 52+ or with Green, White, Red Skull will have items in their body when they die (You will not lose anything when you die) ... A few lootable items are; BOH!, SSAs with random charges (max 6), fire mushrooms (brown mush = 4 clicks, fire = 2), Soul orbs (poisons you and gives 4 soul in 3 minutes), a lighter shovel, and equipment. Check out the server information for more details!
  6. I've updated first news for all things we have added in last year and just in case you miss it out, here it is: Hello, dear forum members. I would like to introduce to you, operating since January 1, 2017, a server created for players who have fallen in love with the pre-Mainland island - Rookgaard. You will not find here a vocation or a paid store, and to spice up the game next to the island that everyone knows we have added the second, also the starting one - Luminis. Below is a brief summary of the server, followed by a longer description. Server: Website & IP: rookgaard.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 (also for Android platform) (description of Android client) Location: Europe, Poland + USA proxy from players in both America (description of proxy mechanism) Availability: 24/7 Rates: experience: 10x, constant skill: 7x magic: 3x loot: 2x Gameworld: SMS shop: none, points to the store acquired exclusively in the game (description of earning points) PACC: yes, to buy for points earned only in the game (description of the PACC benefit) map: original Rookgaard + modifications (map with spawns) world type: nonPvP with some areas with active PvP starting islands: Rookgaard and Luminis (both do not require PACC and allow you to get the first equipment and experience) (beginner's guide) quests: all like real Rookgaard and many more (list of visible quests) addons: yes, individual outfits with addons give different benefits (list of outfits with bonuses) server save: yes, every day at 06:00 in the morning blessings: yes, up to 24 level free houses: yes spells: yes raids: many bosses and field raids (list of launched raids from a given day) tasks: yes, both for killing a certain number of monsters and for bringing a certain number of items (tasks description) What else you can find at Rookgaard.pl? Daily Bonuses - the ability to earn points for daily login lottery - select 3 numbers correctly to win the pot (lottery description) offline messages - player is out of the game, and you would like to give him a message? use offline messages (description of using the system) bug reward system - report a map error, get 2k; report a game error, you will receive 5k Crafting system - create your armor and make it even better (description of using the system) Paintball Event - meet other players in the arena and show that you have better reflex and a better eye (event description) Minesweeper - think logically and make no mistake (description of the Minesweeper game) tutorials - do you want to know how to start, but not only? check what we had prepared for you statistics - check how you have compared to others in the extensive statistics menu surveys - the best way to influence the server development CAM system - do you want to immortalize a quest or exp with friends? it's there, watch when you want Discord bots - ability to read ingame channels and access to bacis server info (Discord bots description) Contact: Discord: Join link e-mail: info@rookgaard.pl FB: Rookgaard.pl forum: Rookgaard.pl - Forum 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds 2. Starting islands 3. Quests 4. Website shop and points 5. Raids 6. Available areas 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds The server started on January 1, 2017 as a hobby project of the Rookgaard player both on RL and on several OTS with Rookgaard. Initially, there were two worlds, Legera with lower exp rate and Hegera with higher. Such action was intentional, because the first two months were to show which version of the world attracts a larger number of players. March 1, due to the lower popularity of Legera was turned off, and all characters were transferred to Fixera, a new server with a fixed exp rate 10x. The levels, of course, have been converted in the way players would gain experience playing 10x from the start. In this way, no one lost his character and there were two servers in parallel - Hegera and Fixera. Such a state of affairs did not last long, because on May 1, Hegera was also closed, and players (also after the conversion of experience) were transferred to Fixera, where as the entire community of Rookstayers continued their adventures. All of these servers were in version 8.60, but to be more flexible we started working on the server in the latest possible version supported by TFS. And so, on January 1, 2018, in other words, on its first birthday, Xyla in version 10.98 started, which is in the public testing phase to this day. 2. Starting islands Creating a character, a player can pick one of two cities. In addition to the Rookgaard island that every Rookstayer knows, the island of Luminis operates. It is not a city for more advanced players, but it was prepared so that both functioned as the first, the initial ones. Each city has its own rulers, initial quests and similar levels of spawns with monsters. 3. Quests On the server, in addition to all the quests available on the real Rookgaard (along with those involving the exchange of items) is available fully operational Quest Log. In addition to them, there are also added quests with better weapons, or to buy better quality potions and many more, specially adapted to the needs of the islands. 4. Website shop and points On the server does not exist and there will be no SMS (or any other real-currency based) store, and players can earn points only for their activity in the game. Points are awarded for participation in events on the server, bosses and as well as daily logging. A wider description is available on the server forum in this thread. 5. Raids On the server at the moment there are several dozen invasions of bosses on both islands and several field raids. The invasions are drawn with the start of the server, and on the Rookgaard.pl page appears an hour after launching it on the server. Participation in raids, in addition to strong and useful items, is also rewarded with points - the appropriate % for taking part in the fight with the boss and points for killing the monster during a field attack. 6. Available areas On the server, in addition to the fact that the entire Rookgaard is added, many new hunting areas are added. To preserve the balance of both islands, the following are added: - Dwarf mine south of the Rookgaard Temple - Elven village, further south than the mine - Cyclops cave in the east of Rookgaard - Rotworm caves under Katana Quest - Tarantul caves with the giant spider respawn deep in the underground of Posion Cave on Rookgaard - Amazon village east of the city on Luminis - Minotaur fortress to the north-east of the city on Luminis - Orc fortress north-west of the city on Luminis - Dworcs mine near the Minotaur fortress - Wyvern hill to the north of Luminis - and much more In addition, there is the ice island Glacius, which can be reached by ships from both islands, which include Mammoths, Frost Giants, Chakoyas, and after performing the more difficult quest Ice Witches and Crystal Spiders. The map with the location of the monsters can be found here. 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers On the server there are many statistics available to players, and one of them is the tab for how much the player is online. The system downloads a list of players every 3 minutes and lists them here Rookgaard.pl, and additionally on the online list Rookgaard.pl is a graph that measures the players' activity. The bookmark of completed quests Rookgaard.pl includes all possible quests that are constantly being developed with new entries. Every day during server save the powegrames rankings for both worlds are generated, where everyone can check how high the place occupied on a given day and the Top100 Powergamers list is updated. See you in the game, hear you in the chat! Rookgaard.pl
  7. Hi, i need map or all datapack dbworld ots 7.92(earth, Sun etc) maybe someone has it. Thanks
  8. Hello, check out the server Site If you wish to help me with development send me a message
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  10. Ouviram do Ipiranga

    OTC android error in compilation build.xml

  11. Ouviram do Ipiranga

    OTC android error in compilation build.xml

    LOCAL_SRC_FILES points to a missing file ............ build.xml does not exist!Does anyone know how to solve it?will give +rep
  12. orejon

    OTClient for Android

    I have searched everywhere for a way to compile the client but I have not found any tutorial and the one that has the project wiki is very ambiguous, someone could help me with the steps to follow to be able to finally compile OTClient for android please: c https://github.com/edubart/otclient/wiki/Compiling-for-Android
  13. Now I know someone knows how to do this because I used to be on tons of ots and one of them made items they customed in, attack players and roam around. Well I need help making a script for tfs 1.2(for lua) tibia client 10.98(for ids). How do I make the itemid.1442 and uid.1221 (or is it if item.id == 1442 and item.uid == 1221 then>)?>> (something I don't know how to do.) a soldier that has variable-inputted style hitpoints and attack to varying to degree's, either its like 10 sword or its 40 sword(it can be changed by local edit to the lua file) and make it follow players if a trigger happens such as the pull of a lever by, + make it follow PARTICULAR players by name if inputted in a book and set on a table and then a player pulls a lever and I need it to have variable(definable) speed to move to positions(that would be defined in lua as xyz pos but labelled "The trees", "the forest" , "Black Castle" etc, all over the map that can be set in the book with the lever next to it to search out a player to assassinate them. I'm trying to make a cool bounty system and more when I figure how to script with lua again. I'm a little confused because things have changed so much with lua since when I used to script with it, everything seems different and I have to re-learn to how to lua ot script. Does this have anything to do with what I'm trying to do: doChangeTypeItem(uid,new_type) is there a way to change the item into a creature? and check if its a creature so it can use monster functions? isCreature(cid) I know this part how it could use the players name. getPlayerByName(name) Also, is there any extremely comprehensive guides on learning luascript for TFS 1.2?, there used to be on OTFans.net which is down now... I'm so sad. The monster creator for the .dat is gone and so much other great stuff and people. It's very hard to learn how to script just by looking at scripts all day, I'd like to be scripting in hours, not months. Trying over and over again to figure it all out. Also, does a lua function require the use of ALL of its parameters or can some be left out? Thanks for your help.
  14. Link: Youtube Video
  15. This is a new ot server list where you can advertise your server. You can upload your own banner to show off what your ot has to offer. To get a good rank on the list you need to get votes from registered users. You can add a vote link on your ot server website to let your players know they can vote. You can also encourage players to vote by giving them a reward for voting. An implementation for ZnoteACC can be found HERE. Feel free to try out and add your own server to the list and tell me if you encounter any problems. You can also register to be able to vote for servers. OTServers.eu
  16. MEGA-WAR ~*Ip*~: mega-wars.ddns.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: 8.6 ~*Website*~: http://mega-wars.ddns.net/ ~*Exp rate*~: CUSTOM ~*Map*~: VENORE (MAIN), CARLIN, KAZORDOON, DESERT, SIMPLES WAR, TRAINING(CUSTOM) ~*Runes*~: INFINITE ~*Server type*~: HARDCOREWAR ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: CUSTOM BALANCED EVENTO DOTA! CUSTOM NPCS Pics of MAP!
  17. Old School War War and only war! Map changes every 30 minutes. Real tibia map with custom areas.*1 see below Custom anti-bot client, smooth running while using items Very small decrease in attack spells. (1.6 seconds) Extra cap for leveling up Soul points for kills, use them for powerful spells*2 see below Items for kills No donor items 1 * The maps currently include; Thais, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Edron, Darashia, Fibula, Dwarf Bridge Area, and Rookguard. There are plans to add at least 1 custom map. 2 * 2 soul point for each frag. 5 soul points for ultimate explosion, 2 for energy wave, 2 soul point for poison storm, and 1 soul point for paralyze. IP = oldschoolwar.zapto.org Port = 7171 Client = 7.4-7.72/Custom Hosted = PA, USA Exp rate = Staged/Custom Runes/Ammo = Infinite Loot rate = 1x Server Type = War Skills/Magic = 0 Tips & Tricks Try out our target practice dummies to practice your aim ! and make sure to check out this website! Tips & Tricks
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