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  4. Welcome to the next update, where we focused mainly on PvP. 1. A new, larger arena by Nie Gap Sie has been added. To get to it, you must go to the temple to the city where the player is assigned and execute command "/arena". Then, the character moves to the center of the island. On the island, as in the arena over the Rookgaard's temple, it is impossible to die. In case of a defeat, the player is teleported to his own temple where he can go back to the arena again using command. Back from the arena is also possible with the command, but the character can not be in the battle. 2. For the needs of the new arena, we have changed the behavior of all ladders and other items moving players upstairs. From now on, the character will appear not only above / below the hole, but also right / left if there is no other option. 3. Last days I managed to properly compile the OTClient (project available here on the Android platform and configure it to connect to our server. The client requires some fixes to be comfortable on it, including character control, zoom icons in the main menu, chat support. The current client is running very smoothly, so after our internal testing, I hope that at the end of August, I will be able to upload client for public. 4. We decided that today, a team of tutors will supply Thrax. He has been on the server a long time (even on beta-tests) and he is very supportive on Game-Chase and beyond, so we thought he wiuld be good at a new position. See you in the game, hear you in chat!
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  6. Yes, I cross-posted it all on otland
  7. Looks good! Do you have any project files that give insight into the process?
  8. Welcome in the short but informative news we have worked on for a couple of days. The server has been added the ability to stream your game using the cast system. The list of all options is available through the !cast command, and a bit more information can be found in this guide. The limit for depot items has been increased to 2,000 for premium account players and to 1,000 for free accounts, and we also fixed some bugs on the map. See you on the stream, hear you on the chat!
  9. Welcome to the next, lesser update. From now on, to see if the boss has not yet been defeated, you can ask the King of the city. Just say hello properly and ask for "monsters", and the King will tell you what monster is still on the map. We have implemented the results of the last two surveys: from now on, you can perform Annihilator Quest multiple times, even if the character in question has already done Quest before limit of allowed characters to MC is reduced from 4 to 3 - we remind you that on events or boss raids there is still a limit of one character per game and we will look at it more closely See you in game, hear you on chat.

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  11. Welcome to the next portion of news. The server has been working almost continuously for 5 months, there are 950 characters in 750 accounts, many things have changed in that time, but also many things will change in the future. 1. As it happens at any major disadvantage, we activate additional bonuses as compensation. Recently this break took place on 16 May and was caused by a bug only on the server provider side. In addition, with regard to yesterday Children's Day, for the next 3 days (from Friday 06:00 to Monday 06:00) we have prepared the following bonuses: 1,5x more experience 2x bigger loot than every day (4x instead of 2x) skill rate 9x instead of 7x 2. Added long awaited and by you and by us tasks. Their more detailed description is in the guide under this link. 3. Prizes have been added for advance every 50 levels. Currently the list is as follows: 50 level - 10,000 gp 100 level - 30,000 gp 150 level - 50,000 gp and Stamina Potion 200 level - 100,000 gp, Stamina Potion and 1 point to any skill (player will receive a special papyrus in which to enter the name of skill) Players who are currently at a higher level than one of the thresholds will have to get any level advance and the system will compensate for the level. 4. Tom has expanded his offer with more monster items, and referring to forum suggestions, Rashid is buying some of the items at a new price: Double Axe will be purchased for 420 gp Dwarven Shield will be purchased for 200 gp Orcish Axe will be purchased for 400 gp Plate Legs will be purchased for 250 gp Scale Armor will be purchased for 200 gp To the team has joined the mysterious Gamemaster. When there is no me, Mistrz Zen or Criss, he will randomly check whether the players is Cavebotting and appropriately reward the trip to prison. 6. In characters view on the page we added information about the house and membership of the guild. In the near future there will also be a separate bookmark dedicated to houses in both cities. Fixed bug with rewards in Lotto, fixed some monster stats, removed or changed restrictions on certain weapons and armors, error with password change, and several other minor bugs. In the near future we will focus on extending the tasks with the ability to fight the bosses and the remaining points described in the guide, as well as a new area and quest for access to Ice Spiders and the rest of Glacius. As always we encourage you to play, thanks to your activity and presence here we are constantly in the top 20 Polish Open Tibia servers (based on the list from See you in the game, hear you in the chat!
  12. I'm no pixel artist, but I dabble in 3D. This weekend I spent some time trying to work out how to get Blender to render sprites for Tibia. Here are the results: This is from this model. It would probably look better if I it had been made for such low-res rendering (for instance, he has a face, but it is too fine of detail for this resolution of render to show), but this is exercise was more about figuring out how to get cabinet projection to look right for Tibia. Anyway, does it look anywhere close to right? I will work on making a model with larger detail as a better example of what Blender can produce.
  13. In today's update we have added a few things, but one of the most important things is the tasks, so in this post I would like to explain to you what are tasks, who is getting them, how to do them, what are the rewards, and everything else is associated with them. Tasks is managed by NPV Volvig, who is located on Glacius. After the greeting, we choose the only possible "tasks" option. The NPC currently offers two types of tasks: kill a certain number of monsters bring a certain number of items By selecting the "kill" option the NPC will ask us about the difficulty of the monsters to kill. Currently there are 4 levels of difficulty: "easy", "medium", "hard" and "titan". Depending on the level you choose, you may receive a number of reputation points, followed by 1, 2, 3, and 4 points for a given category. You can have up to 3 active jobs from any category. To quit a quest before it finishes, go to the NPC and ask for the "reject" option. Then the active number of tasks will decrease and you can start another one. Warning! The rejected job is reset, which means that progress on its re-start will be counted from 0. You can find out about your character's tasks using the !tasks command (also /task, /tasks, and !task). You can check your rank and points (!tasks rank) and the list of active tasks (!tasks check). Each task involves defeating another number of monsters or delivering items. Only kills are counted to the required number for the given task, above no. To complete the quest, go to the NPC, say "done", and then follow the instructions. The reward for doing a task related to killing a certain number of monsters is 10% of the value of the experience that a player won during his execution. For example, if a quest involves to kill 150 Dwarfs and a player gains 450 experience points for one (45 exp base *10 for exp rate), then the player gains a total of 67,500 experience points. By returning a quest, the player receives from the NPC 10% of this value - 6,750 experience points. The reward for doing a task of delivering a certain number of items is 120% gp of items sold at Tom's NPC, and from 1% to 4% of the experience points required for the next level. For example, if the task involved delivering 100 Wolf Paws, which the NPC Tom collects by 70 gp per one, their total value is 7,000 gp. The example player level is 30, which means he needs 40,700 experience points to the next level. The Wolf Paws task is one of the easiest, category so you will receive 8,400 gp (7,000 * 120%) and 407 experience points (40,700 * 1%). Different tasks belong to different categories, so the experience bonus varies between 1% and 4% of the experience needed for the next level. What will change in the near future: [*]each task can be run multiple times, after 24 hours since its completion [*]the ability to fight one of the many bosses in the arena after reaching specific rank, with each boss will be able to face once every 3 days [*]on the website you will see a character ranking with a number of points for tasks [*]in Quest Log you will see the number of completed tasks [*]on the character page you will see the number of completed tasks with the date of the first completition and the sum of how many times the task was completed See you in game, hear you on chat.
  14. Port: 7171 IP: client version: 8.6 Website: Opens today 18:00 Have you ever felt like there's something missing in your life? Well look no further! We bring you the most developed 8.6 noobwar ever created, with tons of advanced features which adds a fun & silly, yet serious feel to it. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a war OT. We also provide challenging quests, missions, fun events & even a dragons & DL's spawn. General Info: minlvl: 13 maxlvl: 40 maxskill/mlvl: 90 exprate: 0.15x skill rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down) magic rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down) Loot rate: 0.1x The main way to level is by killing players. Not only do you gain exp, but you also get a "heart of the deceased". 100 hearts can be exchanged for exp eggs or gold. Have in mind that killing your own/your friends character to abuse this system may result in ban. Anti Stairjump Not only is The map is specially designed to prevent stairjumping, we've also created a unique anti stairjumping system. Soul training system Skilling/mlvling in a training spot boosts your skill & mlvl rate. The boosted rates are stages, so the higher skill/mlvl you get the lower your rates become. It costs 1 soul per 6 minutes to stand in a training spot (max 10h) and there's several ways to refill your soul. 1. Kill players (4 kills = 1 soul). 2. All players receive 10 soul by the end of the day. 3. Use a soul doll (limited to 1 per day) Unique Paralyze Paralyze is weaker now, but it stacks, and don't worry, it can only be healed with haste spells. This makes paraheal pretty useless and it becomes more fair to players without it. Events Team Battle CTF Paintball Firestorm Castle War More info: Click Here Free Points When you kill a player they drop a random amount of deathnotes. Stack 100 of these and click it to get some donate points. Participate in events and you have a chance of getting points & other great rewards. Most quests will reward you some points and other good items.
  15. I would like to invite you to play on the YurOtsX ( that will start on 20.05.2017 18:00 (Poland time). The game has been designed for long-term play, where RPG feelings will come from quests. The gameplay is intended to be fun and dynamic. Now take a look on some info about the Server: The original YurOts Map had need to be changed because it was too small. While modyfing the map, the main intend was to expand the locations, but save the original YurOts structures. There are some screens presenting the idea: There are many respawns and nice locations on the map but they are really close to each other (YurOts style). Vocation changes: Knight: Melee damage has been normalized. No more random 300dmg, 10dmg or 0 hits. Miss hits removed Exori Kina A knight's exori which dmg is based on creatures around you. Consumes 10% max hp. Exura Kina Consumes 20% current hp, and restores 20% max hp in time. Utito Kina Turning the berserker mode on. While in berserker mode, your auto-attack can go up to 3x (based on % missing health). The cost is 100 mana for turning on, and 3 mana for next second. (Every second costs 3 mana more) Exeta Hur Grants attack speed bonus for 10 seconds. Exori Gran Boosted exori Sorcer & Druid Exori strikes has been reworked: Exori Flam: High amount of dmg, 2 sec cooldown. Exori mort: High dmg range (Could be small or high) of dmg, 1sec cd Exori vis: Small amount of dmg, 1 sec cooldown. Exori pox: Small amount of dmg, 1 sec cooldown. Exori Noob strikes: Same as originals, but they are targeted and deals 30% less dmg. Exori Noob Vis Exori Noob Flam Exori Noob Mort Exori Noob Pox Uniques: Sorcerer: Great Flame: Exevo gran flam hur Druid -Can Summon up to 3 monsters Exevo gran mas pox Has been reworked. Deal instant dmg (Half of ue), then heavily poisons (dmg based on lvl) Exevo pox hur Poison Wave Paladin Melee damage has been normalized. Some new bolts types Ability to craft Arbalest (New damage formula, that includes level (But starts profiting on 150+lvl)) Exevo bolt hur Consumes 20 bolts (specified in ammo slot) and deals area damage. Exori con Shot that depends on amunition type Exori con con Shots multiply. The number of shots depends on level. The formula is 2 + 20% chance for additional shot for every 100lvl. Spells values should be same with those from old tibia spell calculator: In overall, the profesions pros and cons should be: Knight: +Good aoe (area of damage) +Good single target dmg +Very good healing -Average burst dmg -Need to get close to enemies Paladin: +Best single target dmg +Fight on distance -bad aoe -bad healing Sorcerer: +Very good aoe +Good single target -squishy -mana/cash eater Druid: (might need some more features) +Good aoe +Good single target +Summon master +Party friendly -squishy -mana/cash eater Food system: - Food instant regenerates mana/hp. The amount depends on food type - Normal food can feed you up to 10 mins. - Special food can feed you up to 30 days. - You lost your food time on death. Fishing System: - When you're out of cash, you can get some supplies from fishing. - There is 5%-50% chance to get supplies from water depending on your fishing skill Frag system: - 1 frag point lasts 24h - You can obtain Red Skull on 5th frag point (Red skull lasts up to end of the total fragtime) - The unjustified kill on lower lvl than yours gives 2 frag points - On 10th frag you go to jail (Where you wait to the end of total fragtime) - PZ on kill lasts 15min As you can read, there are more number of frags to obtain RS (5) if you decide to kill higher lvls. If you will abuse your power (kill lower lvls), you will gain more frag points for it. Also in my opinion, the ban for player killing is bad option. It has been replaced with jail. Cooldown system: - There is custom cooldown system to ensure dynamic gameplay. - All offensive spells have their 2-sec cooldown - All healing and support spells have their 1-sec cooldown Critical/Dodge system: - Players can obtain dodge and critical chances from items. - There is classification on hit and spell damages. (Critical on auto-attack/ Critical on spell attack) - The critical damage on monsters deals 200% dmg - The critical damage on players deals 150% dmg - Dodge can block whole attack Shared exp: - There are high exp-bonuses while shared-exp is active. - The monster kills on task are counted for every members (if shared is active) - The rules to active shared exp are: Minimum level in party must be higher than 2/3 of the highest level member Players must be in 30sqm range Players must be active in fight Task system: - There are 3 random tasks from NPC you can take. - If you finish some task, there would be choosen next one. - There are 4 stages with different number of kills. Higher amount of kills will give better rewards and exp. You can also end the task on the first stage (for example 5 demons) and get another task. - You can also use Rerolls - There are given 2x single-reroll points a day at a random time. - You can exchange your tasks points for Reroll points or phoenix eggs - You can open Phoenix eggs and get supplies/rare rewards. - Using reroll points, you can take more than 3 tasks but you need to remember that while rerolling some task you have guaranted that the rerolled task wouldn't be repeated, but the NPC can pick some task that you have already started. Phoenix egg - You can open those using the cracker machine placed underground the Task NPC Rare monsters system: - There are 1% chance to spawn rare monster instead of normal one. - The rare monster has 50% chance to drop Red/Blue coins. It has also increased loot and exp. Training school: - You can buy training tokens for blue coins. Battle Rings: - You can buy battle rings for red coins. Boss system: - There are currently 9 bosses in game. - There is 1% chance to start boss raid on every 100 kill of base monster type(ex. For every 100 dragon lord kills on server, there is 1% chance for demodras raid) - The person who has spawned boss (killed 100th monster and get lucky), and the players around the spawn (50-150 sqm near boss spawn(depends on boss)) get notification about it. - Every boss has it's own strategy to fight. - Most of the bosses have 5% chance to drop unique battle item. (Really usefull item, not boring +5 armor shit) - Every boss has 100% to drop it's own creature product (Dragon claw etc.) Lucky loot system - There are items that have luck loot bonus - While wearing those, you can get another draw for loot item if it haven't been drawn from normal loot. - If item comes from luck loot bonus it will be properly describied in loot msg. Auto-loot system - Premium feature - command '!autoloot' to get more info Lottery system - The NPC Seller wants the city to stay clean. He is encouragin players to pick up trash from streets. - You can turn purple and gray backpack into street trash by using a weapon on it. - You can exchange 100 street trashes for lottery ticket. - There is 20% to get lucky reward from lottery machine. - You can't buy empty purple or grey backpacks from shop. - You can also turn other containters into street trash, but they're need to be full. - The machine to turn the full containers into street trash is placed near Seller. - There isn't option to turn full bags into trash in your bp, in order to avoid deleting by mistake the bag with content. You need to confirm that by pulling the lever on machine. Quests: - There are currently 3 'bigger' quests ingame - Some of quests needs to have conversation with NPCs and might require taking a look on environment on the map. (everything might be a hint or bluff) Experience: The main game intention is to get power from equipment not from only level, so the exp rates aren't high. Also the best pg should come from party hunts, so the exp is boosted while shared exp is active. The tasks are also nice source of experience. The rates are: 1-20lvl : 10x 20-40lvl: 8x 40-60lvl: 5x 60-100lvl: 3x 100+lvl : 1x Amulets: Amulets are going to be strong part in game. The Amulet of loss is cheap, costs only 10k, allowing players to play safely and not spending too much money on AOLs. There are also better amulets granting many nice bonuses, but if you want to use them you need to take a risk and walk without AOL on. (You can also swap the amulets but it requires skill in hands :)) Boat system: - NPC on boat is able to pick you up to Dragons and city. - NPC is able to take you to another places if you have discovered them first. Small crystals system: - The emeralds,sapphires,rubies,diamonds and amethsysts will be needed to enchance or craft neccessary hunt items. - They are obtainable from every creature in game: Magic/energy monsters drops Sapphires Fire monsters drops rubies Humans/Physical monsters drops diamonds Earth monsters drops emeralds Undeads drops amethysts There are could be exceptions, but those are the main rules, where you should look for crystals Elemental system: The game is going to depend on elemental powers where: Fire beats Earth -> Earth beats Energy -> Energy beats Fire This haven't take place everywhere due to that monsters are designed to be close to originals from 7.72 but it might be updated if players decide to. Other: - Power ring gives distance fighting skill - Training School - Greater mana potions (Restores higher amount of mana, but in time) - Info log added(server log) - Players unders 20lvl doesn't lost anything on dead - There is 50% current level loss on every death - Aol costs 10k - Gold drop is based on monsters exp - Bots aren't allowed - Skill loss is set on 5% total skill loss on death - Level loss is always 50% current lvl - Over 40 new monsters (Some downgraded from newer version (Grim reapers,Frosts etc and some new made) - Quest for stacking runes - Loot is 2x real tibia - small stones doesn't disappear (training needs) - Possibility to exchange life crystals into rings - Summons teleport back to the master if out of range - Old YurOts NPCs - auto stack items - loot display - new mana potions: Regenerates mana over time - ring shop added - basic spells avaiable from 1 lvl (exura,utevo lux, exori flam/mort/vis strikes) - Removed cooldown on auto-attack while stair-jumping - Food eat cooldown 1s - you can use plate armor as temporary-dice (for gambling needs xD) - thrash loot has been removed (bones,torches etc) - DC protection (Monsters ignore you for 30secs if DC, after that time you will be kickaed after 10-30secs(depends on prof) Commands: - !display (You can set DMG/LOOT/TASK display) - !food (food system) - !frags - !trapLowLvl - !go (Go through >20lvl players) - !party - !autoloot - !help The game economy should evolves naturally, so there wouldn't be items/cash etc in shop. By donating the server, you can get premium account. While your account is premium you can: - Rent a house - Get more depot space - Get more friends on vip list - Buy and use premium features Premium features: - autoloot - premium outfits There are more screenshots on the news page on the site: The registration and client download section will be available 3 days before start. The start date: 20.05.2017 18:00 (Poland time)
  16. View File Goku color outfit Goku outfit with color mask so you can change colors Submitter rpalmak Submitted 04/27/2017 Category Graphics  
  17. Version 1.0.0

    Goku outfit with color mask so you can change colors


  18. View File Natsu outfit Natsu outfit, doesn't include color layers nor dead body Submitter rpalmak Submitted 04/26/2017 Category Graphics  
  19. View File Lightblue Set Set including helmet, armor, legs, boots and shield Submitter rpalmak Submitted 04/26/2017 Category Graphics  
  20. View File Flesheater Fleasheater including 3 dead body and one loot item Submitter rpalmak Submitted 04/26/2017 Category Graphics  
  21. Announcement We are thrilled to announce a new world opening next Saturday 29 April 18:00 CEST! The new world, Apollo, is identical in rates, content and client to that of the old/first world Mytica. If you register your character before the world opens you will receive an exclusive outfit only available to early adopters! Also make sure to like us on Facebook to stay updated. Check our website for more information at! Key Features - Full Tibia 7.4 - Nastarius in it first place is a Tibia 7.4 realmap server having all NPC's, monsters, quests, mechanics, formula's and even books like back in Tibia 7.4. - New Client - We offer the standard Tibia 7.4 client but we also offer a totally new client where you will enjoy new client features and smoother gameplay. - New Content - We offer loads of new content with over 30+ new creatures, 10+ new quests and much more. - Dungeons - We offer you 5 dungeons which you are able to complete with your team getting rewarded in exp and items. Dungeons are repeatable. - New Mechanics - Explore new content and get into lava fishing, crafting armors or even enchanting armors. - Outfits - Gather creature products with your skinning knife and collect over 10+ new outfits/addons. - Revamped Graphics - Enjoy oldschool Tibia in a new fashion, we have replaced almost all older sprites by new sprites (which still fit in the old style). Rates Exp Rate: 3x Loot Rate: 1.5x Magic Rate: 1x Skill Rate: 2x Regeneration Rate: 2x Cya guys Saturday 29 APRIL!
  22. Version 1.0.0

    Natsu outfit, doesn't include color layers nor dead body


  23. Version 1.0.0

    Set including helmet, armor, legs, boots and shield


  24. Version 1.0.0

    Fleasheater including 3 dead body and one loot item


  25. SITE: BRASILEIRO (FULL GLOBAL)INFORMAÇÕES GERAIS:Experience: Stages Inicial 5x~ Final 2x~Skills: 4xLoot: 2xSpawn: 2xHost Brasileiro! (Minas Gerais)-- Servidor Low Rate / Sem Resetes / Um servidor para quem odeia resete e curte dificuldades e seja oldschool. ---- VENHA SER TOP --Premium Account Grátis 7 Dias-- PRIMEIRO SERVIDOR 8.60 SEM TREINER -->>> INAUGURA 25.04.2017 AS 14:00HRS <<<
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