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  4. Welcome to Peora! What is Peora ? Peora is a heavily RPG focused 7.6 low rate game play server. As such, there are many quests, puzzles, secret areas, riddles, combined with large hunting areas and fun places to explore. Who is the target player? Of course everyone/anyone is welcome, but it has been our experience that low rate, low pvp, RPG puzzle type servers are not very popular; if you like a relaxed play, with puzzles and quests to keep exploring/hunts interesting, you might be the target player. Here are a a few screen shots, with more information below: Our client, available for download: A small look at one of the earlier quests to help improve equipment: Multi-part quests: With some deduction required: Many, Many, MANY hidden spots/items: Two clients to choose from; normal 7.6 looking sprites, and also 7.1: Game play information: Exp stages: 8 - 40: 4x 41-150: 3x 150 onward: 2x 2x rate for loot and respawn. Regeneration rates are from 7.4, as are the mana fluid amounts. Double charged runes can be conjured for single charge mana rates, and double charge runes can also be purchased at npc for double charge prices. Host location is Japan. Server starts July 15th, 9 am JST. Maximum players: 200. Maximum clients per person: 2. We don't expect anything near this amount; this is mostly built for our friends to play and have fun on, but as we searched for this type of server for a long period before deciding to make our own, it was thought it would be nice to open it in case other people are looking for this type of game play. We are very much aimed at a fun, fair, and non cheating game play experience. Premium: Every premium option (houses, boats, spells, etc) is available to all players; no real life transactions of money of any sort will occur on this server ever. We also expect to be so small as to not have any effect on the normal income earning hosters, many of whom have been very kind in helping us learn and get the server going. End goal: We hope to offer (and play!) a smoothly running, old school experience custom map with custom quests and items, a server where people can relax, enjoy figuring out quests, and generally have fun. We had earlier testing, and with kindness of many people were able to fix many things. We understand, and hopefully anyone who plays does as well, errors will inevitability be found and they will also be repaired as we progress. Much more information can be found on our website: Peora - OpenTibia Even if this type of server is not for you, we welcome all comments/criticisms/advice. We look forward to seeing you in game! Evan
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  8. Hey! Are you the one we are looking for? We are looking to have "Insert servername here" to be a small community server with active GM, Active help and updates. Aiming to be a low to medium rate server depending on the viewer. Our server is going to go through a fresh start and i got a mapper while i am hoster. We are looking for two people that can either script or be good at webdesign. Preferable one of each! We also got a counselor. PM me if you are interested or go onto the server Discord and chat, Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  9. Worth Global has come, and it came with everything. We have already announced our opening date: 06/16/2018 (Saturday), at 18:00 (BRT). Create your account at: www.worthserver.com Oh, and if you like our page and score 2 friends in our post comments (not celebrities, eh ?!), you'll be running for 250 tibia coins! After almost one year only fixing bugs, here we are! Check our new features! Daily Reward System; Achievement System; Imbuiment System; Cast System; Prey System; Reward System(reformulado); About our map and others: New mounts 11.40+; New outfits 11.40+; Stages de EXP(stage inicial de 200x); The most updated map(with Cults worldchanges); Feyrist with respawn day/night; New summons; New hunts; New quests beeing frequently added by our programmers; New spells; New bosses(The First Dragon, Cults, Ferumbras and more!); Support to client 10.0 and 11.49; Recently added quests: Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest Forgotten Knowledge Quest The First Dragon Cults of Tibia The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest The Lion's Rock Quest Oh, and if you like our page and score 2 friends in our post comments (not celebrities, eh ?!), you'll be running for 250 tibia coins! Create now your account at: www.worthserver.com "It's worth to play!" 👊 #Tibia #TibiaGlobal #OTserver #Global
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  11. Olá pessoal!! Este questionário tem como objetivo identificar quais são os ASPECTOS que um magnifico OTServer tem que ter para que possa trazer ao máximo a DIVERSÃO que você tanto deseja. Por isso agrademos pelo seu tempo e contamos com sua contribuição. QUESTIONÁRIO: https://goo.gl/forms/S4bF0zhNZ8N6EzYp1
  12. Welcome to Tabarnia-ot! This is not an usual/common OT server. We have tried to preserve the true essence of real tibia with its original map and quests and, furthermore, we wanted to give it our own touch. The most remarkable things are the following: Selling your loot: - Thais has a NPC called El’potas who buys your items for a reduced price (75% of the price at which you can sell it to rashid or djinns). In addition, there are training monks in the temple. Unique random items! - We have implemented a random attribute system for all the items. The dropped items may include up to 4 slots which may consist of mana drain, life drain, attack, defense, max hp, max mana, hp regen, mana regen and many others. Those items may raise their value in the player-market! Prey and Imbuement - The prey and imbuement systems are completely functional. In-game Store: - Last but not least, we have a fully operational in-game shop where you can buy, among other things, skill scrolls and rare items. Server Info: Website: Latest News - Tabarnia IP: tabarnia-ot.com (Port: 7171) Client: 11.49 Online: 24/7 World type: PVP (Protection level: <=50) House rent: monthly. Rates Exp Rate: Stages (see below) Magic Level: x15 Skills: x30 Loot: x5 Spawn: x1 Frags & Skull system PZ Lock: 1 min White Skull Time: 15 min Red skull length: 30 days Stages table 9-20 x150 21-30 x130 31-40 x120 41-50 x110 51-60 x100 61-70 x80 71-80 x60 81-90 x30 91-100 x20 101-120 x18 121-129 x16 130-149 x14 150-179 x13 180-199 x12 200-239 x11 240-* x10
  13. IP: betabaiak.servegame.com Hey, guys! Apresentando o mais novo Baiak 8.6, abriu dia 30/05 as 16h. SEM LAG, aberto 24h! Exp não é exagerada, pensado pra players ficarem na média do lvl 800-1000 Diversas quests & hunts. VIP free, área e armas donate baratinhas e balanceadas, pra não ficar injusto pra ninguém! COLA RAPAZIADA, AINDA SEM TOP! IP: betabaiak.servegame.com - Introducing a new Baiak 8.6, open at 05/30. NO LAG, 24h! Balanced exp, think to players keep on lv 800-1000 Many quests & hunts. VIP free, donate weapons n area cheap, to not be unfair to anyone!
  14. Newer, Better Erpegia! Erpegia is an unique style RPG, Retro-PVP Server - created for players, by players. We are offering huge custom map, balanced gameplay, many quests and secrets to be found! Thanks for our approach and balance, both RPG-player and PVP-Tryhard will fit yourself there. Server will start on 19.05.2018, 17:00 Since last start we have fixed shitton of bugs, released many updates, new quests and place, imporoved gameplay and security. Homepage: Erpegia.net - Sign up Discord Server: KLIK Client: 11.75 PVP: Retro Open-PVP (with few our tweaks) Exp: x2 Magic: x2 Skill: x2 Loot: Custom + We have system to monitor monster drops and kills to balance it real-time Premium: Free PVP: from level 15 White Skull: 15 minutes Red Skull: 4 / 10 / no month limit - 4 days duration Black Skull: 8 / 14 / no month limit - 10 days duration Only two player killers receive unjustified frag (most damage one, and last hit one) Rules: Serverrules - Erpegia What do we offer: And furthermore: Unique boss system and special rewards for completing tasks Reward system for being active: chests and keys with addon items. House bidding system Daily Tasks Raid system with prizes for participation Four custom 4fun events (more in-work) and one PVP: -Bomberman -Burning Man -Floor is Lava -TRON -CTF Imbuing System Full Prey System Mount System (with correct monsters and items behaviour) Offline training (only for houses owners) War system and shared experience (with fixed bugs) Many engine features that are missing on other servers: -Correct monsters behaviour versus fire/energy/poison fields -Anti-lure system like on RL Tibia -Correct shield system -Correct stairhop exhaust (only single target runes may be casted at only players without exhaust - checked with RL Tibia) -Correct counting tasks when in party -Fixes in PVP System Stamina regeneration in PZ and on Training Dummies - two times slower. Training Dummies (tp in temple) require 1 soul point per 1 minute of training. When you run out of souls, you may not use them. Facilities for low-level characters -Free Adventurer Blessing till 30 lvl - it works as all 5 blessings, but you will lose it if you: get skull (temporary) or kill anyone unjustifiably (permanent). -Free ships under 20 level -Special training spots for below 15 lvl -Heals from few NPCs World light system synced with CET time - with sunrise, sunset, night and sometimes full moon. Light changes also during few raids. Easy contact with adminstration - in-game, Discord, Teamspeak or just e-mail Occasional events and contests with prizes. For willing possibility to play on Rookgaard (custom). Our changes to Retro-PVP: - Added Twist of Fate Blessing that protects all of your other blessings in PVP. It costs half of all 5 blessings for your level. Additionaly, you are required to complete a custom quest for that blessing. - Possibility to defend yourself without PZ block (if someone start aggression on you and you fight back). However, if you kill the attacker justifiably, you will receive 15 minutes PZ lock.
  15. FIXES: Various emoji fixes, including skintones and mobile issues Online stats fixes Numerous IE11 fixes I'm sad I have to do this... PayPal billing agreement had the potential to fail due to lack of address
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