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    • Dragon Ball Kai Online v7 Edition Changes: Char Market has been removed from the game. Speed Up and Mini Speed Up exhusted has been changed to 2 sec Ki Paralyze exhust has been changed to 30 sec 400 Crafting Bosses has 2x less exp. Regeneration ki cost has been changed from 3k to 1.5k ki poitns. 75 lvl techniques ki points cost have been changed from 2k to 1.5k ki points. 150 lvl techniques ki points cost have been changed from 3k to 2k ki points. New: New Freeza DBSuper Reborn Last Outfit New Cooler DBSuper Reborn Last Outfit New Kame Reborn Last Outfit New Brolly 150 Outfit Changed Last Goku and Vegeta Transformation New Cell Outfits New Zamasu Outfits New Tenshin Outfits and change Reborn in to Super Reborn New Piccolo Outfits New Character Jiren New Character Bergamo New Character Caulifla New Character Kale New Character Cabba New Character C13 New Character Su Shenron New Character Li Shenron New Character Whis New Character Kefla A lot of reworked map and new exp-places. New Autoloot System New Quest for 300 lvl (one loss from 300 set items) New Annihilator for 150 lvl (one from goku set items) New Quest for 400 lvl (one loss from 400 set items and 5k hp) New Dragon Ball Super Saga "Universe Survival Saga". (50kk exp, 10k hp, 100 enchanted senzu) Website:   Trailer:                                                         START: 18.11.2017
    • Welcome!

      The proyect has around one year working, and has been online for about 1 year!

      We have weekly/monthly updates, integrating new things and improving the player experience along the game.

      Come and join us today!

      Port: 7171
      Client: 10.00 or 11.00 (Recommend to download our clients here)
      Uptime: 24/7 since 27/12/2016
      Hosted in: USA, on a dedicated server with 1 Gbps Internet connection, OVH.
      Map: 100% RL
      Access: You have to do most of quests in order to gain access to some places like Banuta, Lizard City, etc...
      NPCs: You have to do quests to enable Djinns, Rashid, Black Bert, etc...
      Runes: Not ∞
      Ammunition: Not ∞
      Loot rate: 2x
      Skills rate: x10 (Staged: easy till 80, medium till 100 and then hard)
      Magic rate: 5x (Staged by vocation)
      Server type: PvP 8.6 -RPG PvE as CipSoft with fields
      System to choose your PvP in war anti-intruso: 7.4, 8.6 or 10.00
      Exp rate: 8x(Stages: starts on x15, finish on x2) Experience Stages

      Prey System


      Upgraded Tasks (XP x20 & Gold Coins as Reward!)

      Check Spoiler for Creatures

      And much more... Click spoiler to know!

    • Hello,
      This post is dedicated for those who suffer from lag and high ping, NoPing is software that greatly optimizes your gameplay.
      With unique technology, NoPing Tunnel traces the best route to the server of your favorite online game.
      Gaining up to 50% improvement depending on your internet! Test for 3 days for free, if you register at the link below:
     Watch the video below with and without NoPing!
    • Welcome to CHAMPSBATTLE! A 2D MOBA server with 20 custom vocations and 2 game modes: Zaoan Walls(1vs1 - 3vs3) & Woodland(5vs5). A really easy game to get into with intense battles - join us already!

      Website ->
      Discord ->

      Client -> custom client
      Hosted -> West Europe
      Uptime -> 24/7 with lots of serverupdates in the open-beta phase.


      Note! You are having a bonus right now when purchasing points in the shop during the Open-Beta phase. All points you bought in the shop will never be removed and are bound to your account. 

      We are announcing games and posting development of this project on our public Discord, join now to play the next match!
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