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    • ((( YFEJ GLOBAL 8.60 )))


      SITE OFFLINE? Dont Problem, In game: 1/1

      IP: Porta: 7171

      Experience Stages: 2x (Inicial 5x - Final 2x)

      and more.

      >>>>>STAFF E-MAIL:<<<<<<<
    • * Online since: 15/04/2017
      * 24 Horas dedicated for 500 players. * Map Global Full
      * With Krailos e Ferumbras Ascendant
      * SaveServer Global diarly as 06:00 hrs
      * 10.98~11+ UPDATED Main Quests: * Anihi
      * Demon Oak
      * Warzone
      * Pits of Inferno
      * Inquisition
      * Demon Helmet
      * Banshee Quest
      * Wrote
      * Hota * Outfits (all unlock)
      * Addons (all unlock - need bring items to Npc Addoner)
      * Mounts (all working) Rates:
      1 - 8,  50x
      9 - 50, 300x
      51 - 80, 250x
      81 - 100, 200x
      101 - 120, 150x
      121 - 140, 100x
      141 - 160, 80x
      161 - 180, 60x
      181 - 200, 40x
      201 - 220, 20x
      221 - 240, 15x
      241 - 260, 10x
      261 - 280, 8x
      281 - 300, 6x
      301 - 320, 5x
      321 - 340, 4x
      341+, 3x
      Skill: 50x
      Magiclevel: 10x
      Loot 4x * More info in our site.   IP:
      Site:   Come play and have fun!
    • To our valued and respected members: We are pleased to announce that effective April 17, 2017 will be merging with
      This is a very exciting event for both sites, for our staff and our members.

      Our greatest assets have always been our communities, and by joining forces we have just made a significant increase in the quality of that asset. We are forging a new community with enhanced experience and invigorated effort. Our merger will create a higher functioning site with faster performance as we halve our overhead running costs and nearly double the former performance metrics.   This is a merger of two highly compatible communities. Our communities have worked towards common goals and shared members since the inception of Vapus. We hold similar values and philosophies on doing providing a platform for an open community: producing an excellent platform for our users, an emphasis on openness and integrity, and the importance of maintaining the security of your account data. Though we will now operate as one company— —you can rely on the same responsive moderation team that you have had in the past.   Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our community, our staff and OpenTibia.     UPDATES:
      ADDED: Imported database Forum posts and boards are slowly being merged on a review basis, eg. Native Chat -> Native Chat, Projects -> Archived Projects Members are imported, though members with the same name will need to request an account merge Please Private Message me, or use the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page with both of your account names and we can discuss means to validate Created 'OpenTibia - Light' theme Enabled the Store system (refer header bar) You are now able to buy sidebar ads for an extremely cheap cost (only visible to users that are Guests, Banned or not logged in) Note, we are not currently expecting to create further ad space and dillute your browsing experience You are now able to purchase gift cards for your favourite server owners and content creators to advertise their server Opened up a restricted REST API for limited downloads and transaction data to enable integrations with 3rd parties eg. sell a plugin on the forum with 1 month's access, plugin owner can validate your licence is still active for it when you try to use it Added a Discord profile field   CHANGED: Renamed 'OpenTibia' theme to 'OpenTibia - Dark' Migrated several archived projects from (-2009 era) into the Archived Projects forum All forum themes have had AJAX pagination disabled to compile with Google's 'all ads on load' policy Hidden some outdated social profile fields Contact Us now generates a Forum Support ticket to the administrators, rather than triggering an e-mail Only Donors can now use animated profile pictures Restricted the number of new Conversations the can be created per minute, per to user to '1' for Members, to prevent Conversation spam   REMOVED: Dropped the Discord content block from the forums, is now just visible on the Homepage
    • @Amiroslo - check it out
    • Welcome to a little bit smaller news. Little, because a lot of things are in progress, but all are slowly coming to an end. In spite of this, a few things are already on the server:   1. Points were changed for some bosses. The Dragon gained 100 points more, and the Zahgigoth 50. Also the loot of non-standard bosses (Zahgigoth, Ezio Auditore) was slightly increased to encourage hunting. In addition, there are two unique new and three normal Tibia bosses in preparation.   2. Online and highscore listings show the experience gained and level with respect to values during Server Save. The change is highlighted in the yellow line in case of increase and red in case of player death and loss of experience.     3. All bookmarks on the player statistics page have been optimized, so maybe with the current traffic on the page, the difference will be imperceptible, but this change will definitely pay off in the future. In addition, next large part of the site has been translated into English. In the near future news will also be available in English and the entire site will be fully available in two of the three languages (Brazilian version will be also available).   4. Minor bug fixes and "immunity" error have been corrected when monster enters different types of fields.   Another update should include a longer quest and addons for Nobleman, Wizard, and Oriental outfits.   See you in the game, new quests are on the horizon!   I would like to invite you to play the game and I encourage you to advertise the server, we would also be happy to discuss all your comments and suggestions here, on the forum or by email / FB.
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