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    • Welcome to Peora!

      What is Peora ?

      Peora is a heavily RPG focused 7.6 low rate game play server. As such, there are many quests, puzzles, secret areas, riddles, combined with large hunting areas and fun places to explore.

      Who is the target player?

      Of course everyone/anyone is welcome, but it has been our experience that low rate, low pvp, RPG puzzle type servers are not very popular; if you like a relaxed play, with puzzles and quests to keep exploring/hunts interesting, you might be the target player.

      Here are a a few screen shots, with more information below:

      Our client, available for download:

      A small look at one of the earlier quests to help improve equipment:

      Multi-part quests:

      With some deduction required:

      Many, Many, MANY hidden spots/items:

      Two clients to choose from; normal 7.6 looking sprites, and also 7.1:

      Game play information:

      Exp stages:
      8 - 40: 4x
      41-150: 3x
      150 onward: 2x

      2x rate for loot and respawn. Regeneration rates are from 7.4, as are the mana fluid amounts.
      Double charged runes can be conjured for single charge mana rates, and double charge runes can also be purchased at npc for double charge prices.

      Host location is Japan. Server starts July 15th, 9 am JST.

      Maximum players: 200.
      Maximum clients per person: 2.

      We don't expect anything near this amount; this is mostly built for our friends to play and have fun on, but as we searched for this type of server for a long period before deciding to make our own, it was thought it would be nice to open it in case other people are looking for this type of game play. We are very much aimed at a fun, fair, and non cheating game play experience.


      Every premium option (houses, boats, spells, etc) is available to all players; no real life transactions of money of any sort will occur on this server ever. We also expect to be so small as to not have any effect on the normal income earning hosters, many of whom have been very kind in helping us learn and get the server going.

      End goal:

      We hope to offer (and play!) a smoothly running, old school experience custom map with custom quests and items, a server where people can relax, enjoy figuring out quests, and generally have fun. We had earlier testing, and with kindness of many people were able to fix many things. We understand, and hopefully anyone who plays does as well, errors will inevitability be found and they will also be repaired as we progress.

      Much more information can be found on our website:

      Peora - OpenTibia

      Even if this type of server is not for you, we welcome all comments/criticisms/advice. We look forward to seeing you in game!

    • Hello :) I am always with u
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