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    • Now I know someone knows how to do this because I used to be on tons of ots and one of them made items they customed in, attack players and roam around.

      Well I need help making a script for tfs 1.2(for lua) tibia client 10.98(for ids).

      How do I make the itemid.1442 and uid.1221 (or is it if item.id == 1442 and item.uid == 1221 then>)?>> (something I don't know how to do.) a soldier that has variable-inputted style hitpoints and attack to varying to degree's, either its like 10 sword or its 40 sword(it can be changed by local edit to the lua file) and make it follow players if a trigger happens such as the pull of a lever by, + make it follow PARTICULAR players by name if inputted in a book and set on a table and then a player pulls a lever and I need it to have variable(definable) speed to move to positions(that would be defined in lua as xyz pos but labelled "The trees", "the forest" , "Black Castle" etc, all over the map that can be set in the book with the lever next to  it to search out a player to assassinate them. I'm trying to make a cool bounty system and more when I figure how to script with lua again. I'm a little confused because things have changed so much with lua since when I used to script with it, everything seems different and I have to re-learn to how to lua ot script.

      Does this have anything to do with what I'm trying to do: doChangeTypeItem(uid,new_type) is there a way to change the item into a creature? and check if its a creature so it can use monster functions? isCreature(cid) I know this part how it could use the players name. getPlayerByName(name)

      Also, is there any extremely comprehensive guides on learning luascript for TFS 1.2?, there used to be on OTFans.net which is down now... I'm so sad. The monster creator for the .dat is gone and so much other great stuff and people. It's very hard to learn how to script just by looking at scripts all day, I'd like to be scripting in hours, not months. Trying over and over again to figure it all out.   Also, does a lua function require the use of ALL of its parameters or can some be left out?
      Thanks for your help.
    • This is a new ot server list where you can advertise your server. You can upload your own banner to show off what your ot has to offer. To get a good rank on the list you need to get votes from registered users. You can add a vote link on your ot server website to let your players know they can vote. You can also encourage players to vote by giving them a reward for voting. An implementation for ZnoteACC can be found HERE.   Feel free to try out and add your own server to the list and tell me if you encounter any problems. You can also register to be able to vote for servers.

    • MEGA-WAR ~*Ip*~: mega-wars.ddns.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: 8.6 ~*Website*~: http://mega-wars.ddns.net/ ~*Exp rate*~: CUSTOM ~*Map*~: VENORE (MAIN), CARLIN, KAZORDOON, DESERT, SIMPLES WAR, TRAINING(CUSTOM) ~*Runes*~: INFINITE ~*Server type*~: HARDCOREWAR ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: CUSTOM BALANCED EVENTO DOTA! CUSTOM NPCS Pics of MAP!
    • Classic War
      War and only war!
      Map changes every 30 minutes. Real tibia map with custom areas.*1 see below
      Custom anti-bot client, smooth running while using items
      Very small decrease in attack spells. (1.6 seconds) 
      Extra cap for leveling up
      Soul points for kills, use them for powerful spells*2 see below
      Items for kills No donor items

      1 * The maps currently include; Thais, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Edron, Darashia, and Rookguard. As of now, these towns are unfinished and have only been edited a small amount. There are plans to add at least 1 custom map.

      2 * 1 soul point for each frag. 3 soul points for ultimate explosion, 1 for energy wave, 1 soul points for paralyze, 1 soul point for poison storm. Currently planning to make 1 power bolt conjurable with soul points (ex. 80-120?)

        IP = classicwar.zapto.org
      Port = 7171
      Client = 7.4-7.72/Custom
      Hosted = PA, USA
      Exp rate = Staged/Custom
      Runes/Ammo = Infinite
      Loot rate = 1x
      Server Type = War
      Skills/Magic = 0

        Tips & Tricks
      Try out our target practice dummies to practice your aim !

      and make sure to check out this website!
      Tips & Tricks    
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