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[Browser] 100% custom game inspired by Tibia. mine, build, attack, defend.

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#1 booptey

Posted 15 May 2015 - 12:17 AM


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In your browser:

Controls: WASD to move, ESC to chat, click stuff to use it/attack it.


Like many of you, I've been getting increasingly frustrated with Cip's updates every year. I quit for good when they made players walkable, and removed luring/roping.


Rather than starting an OT using existing tools, I decided to build a 100% custom game from the ground up. Custom GFX, +SFX, custom browser-based client, custom node.js server.


Recently it's gotten to a "presentable" level.. mind you the game play is far from complete. This is like pre-pre-pre-pre- *deep breath* pre-alpha.

The server has been known to crash now and then.. as more ppl come in and do stuff I haven't tested 100%, it can go down every few mins until we fix the issue. But that's the whole purpose of this!!


This post is intended to gather interest around the project. I am looking for people interested in contributing to this 100% custom game project that is heavily inspired by Tibia, but not based on it. Wanna be a GM/mod/artist/mapper?


Some planned gameplay features:


- Building houses from mined resources and spawn soldiers to defend your house (or castle) (or mansion..) ... (or empire...)    ..moving on....

- Drop everything upon death - harsh penalty, so don't slip and fall and die. PVP = kill em and take all their itenz.

- Bitcoin deposit/withdrawals - gold = bitcoins, bitcoins = gold. If you find gold, you can trade it, or you can withdraw it.

- No classes, No exp - centered around useful item hoarding & trading. Considering skill levels that enhance item effectiveness.

- Open pvp, no enforcement. Up to players to decide what's fair.

- Thinking of giving anyone ability to submit sprites for items, outfits, and effect animations to yield a collaborative, social, and creative game world.


Thanks for playing.

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