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Elven Language

Jun 12 2016 04:53 PM | STiX in Reference Material

Looking to name that shiny new artifact?
Give a legendary archer a befitting name?
Or even add further intricacies to world's lore and reality?

Then feel free to leverage the contained and comprehensive Elven dictionary of over 2100 words!

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Magic Syllables

Mar 30 2015 07:36 PM | STiX in Reference Material

From the mouths of wizards, to the shout of knights - magic spells are all around you in the world of Tibia.

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Quick Quests: Goblin Bandits

Sep 07 2014 11:12 PM | STiX in Quests

Unease and darkness have fallen over the land of WorldName as monsters ravage the region. Travelling through it, the heroes have arrived at the village of TownName, on the edge of a forest, where goblin attacks have left the villagers fearing for their...

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Minotaur Language

Sep 07 2014 12:11 AM | STiX in Reference Material

So I was browsing the Tibia Wiki the other day and noticed a distinct lack of a language for the Minotaurs, when other intelligent monsters such as Bonelords/Beholders and Orcs (maybe not so much the orcs for intelligence) have their own. Hence the be...

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CIPSOFT Tibia Outfits Store

Sep 06 2014 05:46 PM | STiX in CIPSOFT Tibia News

Thinking back to our last article on the new Tibia web-store, we asked what sort of content to be expecting. Well, it appears CIPSOFT are off to a good start by introducing Outfits this month. Whilst being a double-edged sword, the outfits are not obt...

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